Living in Hengchun/Kenting

I’m considering moving to south some time soon. Me and my family are getting tired with city life (Taipei) and want to try something new. Work is not an issue as I work from home. I’m wondering hows the life there? I’ve found some posts about it here but its from 6 years ago. I guess sth might have changed over time.
I guess there’s just few foreigners living there permanently. I would like to hear your thoughts about that place.

What’s the best way to find apartment/house (we would prefer the second option) there? 591 has almost no offer.

If you don’t mind the extremely hot weather, you don’t feel embarrassed by the swarms of foreigners getting drunk on the streets almost all day long and your wife doesn’t mind the semi-naked meimei that more often than not try to sell stuff or “services” to the aforementioned foreigners, then you’ll be fine. It’s a very beautiful part of the island in terms of nature.


Agree. Stay away from the streets of Kenting. Who’d want to live within 1km of there?
Even Hengchun the town seems to have hordes of tourists all over the place. Just see what is lined on both sides of 26 in/out of the town.
You may want live close to the lighthouse, or further up the east (north) side of the peninsula where there are less tourists.
Shadao is kind of nice. It’s where I go to stay whenever in the area (on cycling trips or family trips). Far enough away from the Kenting strip, yet close enough by bicycle or scooter to visit, if you need to.

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Swarms of foreigners drunk on the street?

Have never seen that in Kenting. Don’t recognize the description at all!


My mate owns a bar on Hengchun South Bay. He says it’s really boring there. I guess if you’ve seen one bikini you’ve seen them all.

Last time I went there it was on a 3 days tour with a volleyball team. We passed by the main road in Kenting twice, once during the day and once during the night. The evening was of course much messier, but even in the middle of the day the amount of people stumbling around was noticeable. By “foreigners” I mean “ANY foreigner”,not just atoha.

How do you know they were drunk ?
I just didn’t see that at all and I have been there at least a dozen times or more.
I’m sure it happens on occasion .
Mostly Kenting town is a boring shithole third world excuse of a tourist destination with a sewer running from the town onto the beach past the b and B’s.

But I like the peninsula a lot.

People unable to walk in a straight line while smelling of alcohol is a pretty good indicator to me…

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Get a house with a hot beach bikini girl.

Can drunk people notice other drunks? :beers:

Wow thank you guys. Still no any real answers here. I’m not interested in bars, drunk foreigners and bikini girls (and yeah, it’s true there’s not to many).
I know how Kenting main street looks like and I would be an idiot wanting to leave next to it.
I’m visiting that area 8-10 times a year. My brother in law lives in Hengchun and we visit him often. I was hoping for some “foreigner point of view”. Someone who actually lives or used to live there. Or even better - someone with family who lives or used to live there recently.

Bad traffic, lots of (tourist) buses.

You go there 8-10 times a year. You have a brother-in-law in Hengchun and visit him often and you want opinions of someone with family who lives there.

Go to the nearest bathroom.
Look at the mirror and start asking those questions.

Seems to me the guy in the mirror will know more about Hengchun/Kenting than 99.99% of people on this forum.

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I’ll see if I can get my mate who lives there to join in. One thing he did mention to me was the fact that his kids have a hard time at school because they’re mixed. Something he never experienced when he lived in the north. He also complained about the lack of entertainment. I got the impression that it’s pretty dull living in Hengchun.

Correction, no more tourist buses, the Chinese Tourists are gone.

Drunk Engrish teachers remain tho.:wink:

There are a few foreigners who live and have businesses in Manzhou. It’s much quieter on that side and still within easy distance to Kenting, Henchuan, Taitung. If you’re looking for a place, I just heard that Canadian Terry (who owns Rhythm Surf Tours) is possibly selling his house and business and moving back to Canada. It might be worth contacting him.

Didn’t work. I still don’t know much about schools, family life, experience of others living there, how to look for house etc. Thanks for suggestion though…


Yes he can I guess.

He’s just being a PITA.