Looking for an online teacher/class that stresses comprehensible input

I speak and understand Mandarin at in intermediate level but don’t read it write. Looking for an online class that will help develop my spoken vocabulary and also get me started on writing. Please PM or post here with any recommendations for teachers or classes. I am I’m Taipei this week but usually on US Pacific time. Thanks!

Hello, I’m TMC, welcome to join the Chinese course

Group course/1on1 course


  1. We are 2-6 people in small class

  2. Focus on speaking (50% of course time)

  • You can try the course, Group: Free/1H│1on1: Free/15 minutes



TMC is a traditional mandarin language center that uses textbooks to drill grammar and vocabulary. Each text (“lesson”) is about 30% new language, all in characters. After drilling the grammar and vocabulary associated with that lesson for about 10 hours, the students are called on to read the text aloud. Hopefully they listened to the recording of the text in their spare time so they could get some meaningful listening input. I know because I attended classes there.

With comprehensible input, the target for a written text in Cold Character Reading (credit where it’s due, thanks @ironlady for paving the way in meaningful Chinese language instruction!) is no less than 99% comprehensible, ideally 100% comprehensible. This is done by first inputting spoken language in a comprehensible way. Attention may be quickly drawn to a grammar point before promptly getting back to the point of the class — providing meaningful, comprehensible and comprehended language for the brain to acquire language the way it was biologically wired to do.

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Thanks for the information

Would Pacific happen to be Seattle? :grin:
We’re moving to Taipei in a couple of years, (my wife is from there), so kind of thinking about how to try and get a jump start on some Mandarin. :thinking:

Me? No, California. Good with withe the studies?

Haven’t started yet! :smile:

I really need in-person immersion/interaction to learn a language, but modern technology kinda sorta makes that possible now so I’m keeping an eye out for options to get a head start - including anybody making a similar move that might be near me in Seattle! (I made an account here to reach out but replied in the forum because I couldn’t PM you because new, etc… Thanks though!)