Looking for my Taiwanese father

This should be deleted coz i taught you cant put the same post the policy here …calling for tempogain i hope the rules is rules

Kababayan pure pinay ka?o nakapag asawa ka nang taiwanese?

It’s possible they’re (or one) just forum handles. Maybe the person forgot their old password. I don’t think it’s a scam, and they have a picture of their mom (at least I think it’s real). Normally I’m against sock puppet accounts, but this is serious enough that I think those concerns should be put aside for the greater good of helping this person out. For what it’s worth, I think they’re telling the truth.


I mean you can put multiple account here?if you forgot your password?what i mean is as far as i know you cant put the same topic at the same time coz they will flag it or erased it or the topic they put it where you first post unless its been more than a year already

Oh for **** sakes, let it go. The girl is trying to find her Dad.


I feel for you. To grow up with no Dad and no Mom. But be strong your life is worth living
Learn to love yourself a bit more so that the faults of others do not get you down


Not too sure what you said, but possibly that your mum told u a fillipino guy is your dad, that’s why she is pissed about you asking for your dads details?
If she suggests for you to go to taiwan to find your dad then she needs to give you his details, there’s not much you can do without that.

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How and what did she tell you about your father? Did she just tell you that your mother was pregnant when she came back from Taiwan?
Did your mother tell the name of your father to her, though she forgot?
Does she remember whether your father is a Taiwanese or Pinoy? Does she remember where your mother worked?

I find it rather cruel from your mother to let you hanging because she made mistakes in her life. She is blaming you for her own failures. Don’t let that take you down and better cut her toxicity out of your life.

Another moonshot when you have little information about your origin is to use a DNA sampling service.
They will use your DNA to match relatives. If any relative of your father also did a test you will be matched and they might help you connect.
This is not a sure thing as one of your father relatives must also coincidentally have used that service and your father reaction learning about having a child might not be the one you wish.

I am not sure which company is popular in Taiwan. I have seen companies advertise such services but did not pay too much attention to that.

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Too harsh mo po naman sir I forgot my password its still me nothing change naman po…

I was hoping my father know my nasha name its because I have deffirent names from my sisters and brothers so I was hoping this name given to my father… You dont know how hurt it is sir…

Dont judge people my mother the one who raise me is my aunt shes 70 years old how can I finish school is I have some weak immune system and ect. Its because I was born premature baby how can I find work on this pandemic and if there is how can I comply the requirements in work if my aunt dont have money to give me until now shes working hard to let us eat in a day shes a dress maker here in the Philippines those work is not that high salary its because she’s not a popular or have some business with…

I want to help the one who raise me :cry::cry::cry:
I hope you understand


Thankyou po I appreciate your point

As I tell you sir my mother’s lola told me about my real father its because she was there in Manila when my mother arrive at the Manila and some person which she forget the name whos with my mother about the baby and a father Taiwanese …

My mother gets mads when I as about my fathers name information and said she will forget me and wish that I was never be born

Thankyou sir

A have a lot of lucy dreams about my father his old man in my dream maybe Im giving up😢

Maybe im giving up my life how I wish I was adopted by a family so that I could feel a love :cry:

No one supports me I wish I feel a care and love love

Don’t give up on life and love!! Learn first to love yourself. That is the inner strength everyone needs before they can love someone else. Love is a flame that grows from within that you can in turn pass onto someone else. You need that inner love first though.

Look in the mirror and tell yourself that YOU are special , that YOu are someone !

Most people (like i was ) had trouble loving others as much as I love myself. I thought for so long i was THE GREATEST thing since they invented the number 9. Haha.

It took many decades before I was humbled and found that i was but a tiny bit of a huge puzzle that is life on earth. You need a bit more self confidence.

I grew up without a father . And i mostly stayed out of the house so my mom wouldnt beat the shit outa me, because I was always (or at least mostly) up to no good . haha.

So you can say i had self love. Because I always thought i was super special and unique and was the smartest and best looking dude that walked the earth (at that time anyways_) . (INSERT BIG HAHA HERE).

sO PLEASE LOVE YOURSELF MORE. Its all good to have a mom and dad and im sorry you missed out on both. I seem to have come out OK with one of the two.

LIfe has perhaps been unfair to you ? But don’t give up, things balance out in life. Believe in yourself and start to love yourself more…

Loving other people can suck. Because LOVE HURTS. YOu can love someone deeply and they don’t give a shit. And that will hurt so you need to fall back on loving yourself to survive that one… .

YOu need any more words of encouragement PM me.


Don’t let your life be defined by the mistakes other people made.
You have your own value and you are worth much more than you think.
Don’t give up!


Thank you sir

Thankyou sir

I’ve been through the exact situation as you, and i have no idea of what you expect to achieve crying to a forum of strangers.

What i did was get my mum to tell me my fathers details, i contacted him and then visited him. then moved on with my life.

Tell your mum -whether she raised you or not, to stop being so backwards and selfish and to give you your fathers details. Then you can contact him. until then there is nothing you can do.


Ive been tried that so hard then she just told me from now on I am no longer your mother she told me bad…

I was hurt she’ll get mad if I ask about my father she just told me go to Taiwan find your father with the stupid grandma of yours who tell you that…

Then she makes story bad story about me to my relatives so no one helping me for my financial and school I cant go out because of this pandemic plus Im underage sometimes gets hungry but no choice if I ask for help no one help me if I ask a help from my mother she doesn’t helping me …

She just told me I wish I never been born…