Looking for my Taiwanese father

I was looking for my real father my mother work at the factory in Taiwan I was hoping someonw could help me my mother work at year 1998 to 1999 then she went home when she found out she’s pregnant but her contract supposed in 2 years but i dont know how did she went home so fast please help me
Message me [redacted]
Please help me my mother left me when I was a new born baby until now Sometimes I commit suicide I need a father to protect me and care for me… I wish I experience that


Can you give any details? Such as where in Taiwan the factory was located? What products did it specialize in? Do you have a first name or any picture you can upload? Any details could help. I certainly wasn’t here in 97/98, but some old-timers here might have been. I am sorry you are going through such pain.

In year 1998 she work at Factory worker in Taiwan in semi conductor her name is Dana Jean N. Mañada

Thats my mother please sir help me just message me [redacted]

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@Nasha, I suggest you to edit your posts to remove your personal email. You may end up getting spammed with such info online.
Those who want to contact you can do so with a private message.


Sympathizing with your situation, hope you can find information.

Maybe consider removing your email address though. If you publish your email, you will get lots of spam emails.

One more thing: it seems there were other posters
from the Philippines before in similar situations, sad to see that this situation happened several times.

Edit: seems to be the same person posting: Looking for Taiwanese Father


Firstly, your mother would be the person to contact for more information on your fathers name and info. I don’t think you are going to get very far without that. So if you really want to know then your mother needs to help you.

Secondly, i would temper your expectations. I’ve been in the same situation and i very much doubt your father is going to give you what you are looking for, or anything other than disappointment.

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She said her mother left her when she was a baby. I assume they’re out of contact and have been for a long time.

I don’t expect much, but I would contact to TECO in Manila in hope that they might keep some record of your mother.

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She said in the other thread her mother doesn’t want to tell her so i assume she has talked to her. If not she has her name at least so she can track her down and ask for her dads details.

I know about that because my mother’s lola told me the truth, she told me about my father but she’s too old to remember who’s with my mother in Taiwan in factory she forget the name who’s with my mother my mother gave me to my father’s brother (this father is the one I bring the last name but he knew I’m not his child its because my mother went home in the Philippines pregnant in 5months but I was born premature)

I saw my mother in 2015 we dont have that connection she said she will abondon me she said lies to me about my real father I get curious when my sister told me what if my father is a Taiwanese I feel so much of pain Ive been suffering so many happened to my once I ask my mother to help me in financial but she makes bad story of me to my relatives, I cant believe she puts me down she told me we wish I was never be born the first time I saw her and father that I thought his my real father I dont feel any blood of them sign of happiness or cry when I see them they just act I am nothing…

She told me to forget I have relatives and them she is so angry if I am asking about my Taiwanese father she told me go to Taiwan find your father.

I was hoping to find my real father I accept of he accepted or not as long as I see him but deep inside I was hoping he will accept me😭

I dont know how to edit

Thankyou so much sir but I email teco but they ask about details of my father but I dont know such thing only my mothers work details I was hoping that maybe someone know her

no. What I would ask to TECO is your mother’s details. If you know at which factory she worked, you might be able to find someone who worked with her.


It’ll be an uphill battle, but if you find the factory your Dad is working and the time-frame and you have the pic of your mom at that time, maybe some old timer there can help you out. Better study up on Mandarin or download a translation app like SayHi, because it’s doubtful a factory lifer will know much English.

Don’t despair no matter what. Your Dad is just a person, and a very flawed one probably. Your life has value and however you came into this world has no bearing on your future and your worth, except what you decide it has.


Thankyou for helping me sir

I will study mandarin thankyou

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I’ve edited for you, then.

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Hi Nasha, nalungkot ako para sayo nang mabasa ko ang post mo. Patuloy ka lang maging malakas at manalig na sa tamang panahon at masagot lahat mg katanungan mo at mapunan ng pagmamahal ng isang magulang ang puso mo.

Tanong lang po, alam mo ba ang pangalan ng company na pinasukan ng nanay mo dito sa Taiwan ? At kung saan ito ? Saka kung pwede mong tingnan ang papeles ng mama mo, siguraduhin mo.lng na di ka niya mabuko. Do it discreetly. Baka my naitago siya na informasyon noong nandito pa siya sa Taiwan. My kilala ka ba na naging kaibigan niya dito sa Taiwan? Baka sakali meron sa facebook. Alam mo ba ang agency niya long pumunta siya dito? Baka pwede lang magtanong sa kanya.


Yong kinikilala mong papa (uncle ) baka may alam siya tungkol sa totoong tatay mo. Natanong mo ba siya?

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Omg the same post the other name is angelica and this one is nasha i wonder if this two person is the same …its only april that angelica post

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