Ma Yingjiu is gay and doing it with foreign ICRT DJs?

I just caught a news snippet that said something to that effect! Can anyone fill me in? :astonished:

Which DJs? Rick Monday? Say it ain’t so!

No, it was ex-DJ “Hot Chocolate”. :ohreally:

He does dress nicely… CSB used to dress like someone’s granddad, sneaking off to play a few sneaky holes in the afternoon.

[quote=“Maoman”]Can anyone fill me in? :astonished:[/quote]… you mean on the news right? :eh:

Oh yes, it’s been common knowledge in certain circles for quite some time. In fact, DJ Chocolate was quite open about it. He is seen with his Taiwanese pimp in the original Wei Da Li commercial, in which, after belting back a few Wei Da Li’s mixed with kaoliang, they discuss “Mr Not-so-big-below’s” special tastes between the sheets. Of course, the commercial has been cut down to a mere stub now.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but according to the China Post it is former President Chen that is stating this :astonished: : Just when you thought the trial couldn’t get more circus-like, a former President brings up an old deportation case involving a foreigner and gets racist(homophobic). Wonder how the Hoklo base will react to this.


It’s true. Sorry I can’t disclose my source, but it has been confirmed that the President is doing it with former male DJs (and a taxi driver from ChungHo who will remain unnamed to protect his identity).

Another brilliant day in the life of that attention-seeking human rights hero CSB:

-he says that Lee Teng-hui accepted 300 million NT from … the commies! (yeah, right)

-he says that a prosecutor told him there was a disk showing Chocolate was Ma Ying-jeou’s gay lover

-a reporter managed to infiltrate into prison and interview CSB without any prison guards noticing it - and the guy didn’t even work for the Apple Daily, but for the Financial Times.
Why the FT would be interested in this piece of irrelevant drivel is totally beyond me.

CSB still has two days in court so his supporters can look forward to still plenty of other crap.

he’s just well dressed and takes care of himself, not gay :slight_smile:

…scrapping the bottom of the barrel with threads like this…

Gay? He’s as gay as that manly stud, Rock Hudson.

Shouldn’t this be in another thread?

[quote=“urodacus”]Gay? He’s as gay as that manly stud, Rock Hudson.

Shouldn’t this be in another thread?[/quote]

If you did that you’d have to merge the entire TP forum, I’m afraid.

This has been gristing the rumour mills down south for decades.
It makes perfect sense, especially when you consider The First Lesbi-oops I mean Lady.
It’s the ideal symbiotic Beard-Merkin relationship…

that reminds me of velcro.

The Taiwan News calls Chocolate a male foreign entertainer. Makes him sound like a stripper. :laughing: :laughing: … g=eng_news

It’s a sad day if voters are more concerned about someone’s sexuality over someone’s monstrous corruption and bungling of government affairs.

it’s the economy, stupid!

If the SID knew about this for quite a while, I wonder if they were responsible behind the scenes for Chocolate’s deportation back in 2004. Wouldn’t the DPP and its political appointments, if they had known this information, kept Chocolate in the country, so he could be used for political purposes during the 2008 campaign?

Then again, didn’t Chocolate’s ex-wife, Chang Wei-chen have significant DPP ties? If she was angry about his lewd side activities, and found out that he was doing the rumpy pumpy with a political opponent, wouldn’t that have been a political goldmine? :ponder: Wouldn’t she have been a little less pissed off?

Taiwanese politics sure is entertaining :smiley: :laughing: … chin&meta= … late&meta= … 2003436976

i just don’t get this…if there was a DVD of ma and choco then how could you stop it? just burn a 100 copies and leak them to the media…the whole thing is implausible and if it is made up then a-bian should burn in hell for trying this line…i mean dragging a gay, black, foreign dj into it, that means you’ve got homophobia, racism, xenophobia…hell if only chocolate was disabled into the bargain you’d have the perfect grand slam…

quick answer…i wouldn’t bet against it. just the other day i was commenting to my friend how ma ying jiu always looks as if he has just been poked in the arse when he enters a room. of course, those could be meetings with commie officials.