Making intentions clear to Taiwanese/Chinese girls

At least would make for more interesting conversation than celebrity gossip.

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Yeah, nothing wrong with reading Chomsky. His work on how the media uses language to manipulate people should be read and understood by everyone. If she’s intelligent enough to read and understand his theories on language more generally, then she’s a keeper!

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Nothing wrong with reading but believing? Dude defended Pol Pot and Mao.

I don’t do this anymore, but I read and watched Chomsky a lot when I was younger and more left wing. He was one of my heroes, both for his work in politics and linguistics (I studied linguistics at university), although I no longer support that political ideology (and even in linguistics, I think he laid a lot of good groundwork, but I don’t take a lot of it seriously anymore because the field has moved on).

I’m not saying that you can’t dig out some old thing he said defending those two people (a lot of left-wingers defended Mao back then, though it was right-wingers like Thatcher who were more inclined to defend Pol Pot), but in the hours of Chomsky I read and watched, I never saw him do that. Again, I’m not saying he didn’t do that, but I don’t care if he did because he clearly hasn’t done it for a very long time. He certainly didn’t do it when I was a fan.

But, anyway, this is beside the point. I was specifically defending his work on exposing how the mass media manipulates people using language. All of that is more relevant than ever. And, yes, nothing wrong with believing it. In fact, you should believe it.


Despite my reputation on here as some sort of neo-Nazi, I also read Chomsky and respected his intellectual achievements, and his work on the manipulation of consent via the media was extremely important. Funnily enough, Jordan Peterson’s “Maps of Meaning” book overlaps to some extent with what Chomsky wrote; science doesn’t have political boundaries (and in any case I wouldn’t characterize JP as even within shouting distance of “far right”, despite that tag being commonly applied).

It was sad to see Chomsky manipulated in his dotage by the media he excoriated.


Interestingly, so did the right wing dude in the US at that time, especially after the Vietnamese communists installed their guy in Phnom Penh. The US kept pushing that the Khmer Rouge should be the representatives at the United Nations . . .


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“I like the proximity of your company, and your appearance is adequate”