Male bashing in the media

Avoid the use of the word “Man”, Hey Presto…The title of the thread needs to be changed.
Yeah, I know it’s Fox but the silliness starts to dilute valid arguments on equality .

It would be funny if someone even changed their national anthem in order to pander to the crowds of retar… oh, wait…

Pronoun Cop Ibby to thy rescue again! :grinning:

I saw this the other day and asked a feminist ex gf if she would like to watch it (maybe to send it without asking would have been an aggression and to have asked beforehand is some sort of micro aggression but whatever). She accepted to watch it, not without some sarcasms about her experience and point of view changing as she’s a social scientist (well, psychologist who works with abused women).

What feminists don’t get is that postures are not black and white. You can be against of discrimination by sex, be aware of sexual abuse and sexism, and still call on bullshit the new dogmas. I don’t disrespect women, I treat them as equals but I’m attracted to them, I like them and I even have their DVDs. I don’t make too many assumptions based on sex/gender, although we are different. There’s some extremism that can’t deal with facts, maths and biology and that has become the new Inquisition.

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That will be the new Inquisition if you’re not careful! :hushed:

Fixed that for you.

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That reminds me of a joke…

Well, let’s hear it then.

Maybe I shouldn’t write it in this thread… but do some research, in Spanish, about why women have flat head… if you haven’t figured out the answer yet!

So guys have something to put their beer on while…?

Don’t ask me, I respect women too much :dvd: :dvd:

That’s not much of a punchline, but at least it’s a safe choice.

Nah, I’m not creative enough for saying something both funny and not tempable. Probably I can’t come up with something either thing.


“They (daughters) smoke much less marijuana” ohh Fox News and tucker. It’s so hard to listen to him but he has facts and I mostly wanted to hear JP talk.

An interesting article on boys and girls in school.

Nah, T Carlson has raised his game in his 40s.

The last couple minutes are worth the price, at any rate. Instilling courage (encouragement) is among the cardinal duties a father has to his children, male and female. If my kids were subject to any indoctrination at all, I would consider that an intolerable encroachment on those duties. Peterson is absolutely right about that.

The biggest takeaway from the video is that we don’t have enough information.

Interesting video, lots of solid facts. America sounds like an increasingly bizarre place to live: not sure how much of that weirdness is making its way across the pond.

Couldn’t help thinking that Tom Hiddleston is going to look exactly like Jordan Peterson in 20 years time.

Same guy than this other video I watched before:

It’s indoctrination, not education, in many schools nowadays.