Male bashing in the media

I’m amused that people would feel threatened by trannies. I wonder why that is.

So am I, but then I am a man. However, I am capable of empathising with women who feel threatened by a diktat that tells them that previously women only spaces (such as public toilets, changing rooms, communal showers) are now open to men who identify as women. Also, any woman who raises this issue is immediately labelled transphobic. All feels a bit patriarchal to me.

By the way, “trannies” is hate speech.

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I’ll take a wild guess that you are a man. Only a man would show such a lack of appreciation to the fact this is a dividing issue within the womens community.

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My self-criticism is in the mail.

Apologizing = absolutely haram

That’s exactly what they need; the serotonin kick from hearing someone apologizing and validating their point

Let them bathe in a sea of anger and social inadequacy. Never apologize.

That’s a good point. Rather amusingly one of Shamoni’s areas of expertise is Conflict Analysis and Resolution. She hasn’t resolved conflict very well in this situation. Making a formal complaint about a colleague is a serious escalation. I’d be very pissed off if a co-worker pulled a stunt like that on me.

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Well why not try to justify your stance. Obviously you are a male, why do you think women are not entitled to have this discussion among themselves and why would you weigh in and try to shame women who have concerns when it doesn’t affect you in the slightest?

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And how dare you presume that issues like this ought to be decided through hegemonic, logio-rationalistic modes of discourse which marginalize the subaltern?

Er, what was the subject again?

You were amazed that people felt threatened by “trannies” and wondered why that was the case.

I did not marginalize anyone, I merely suggested, that you as a man, should probably show some empathy to women whose community such issues affect the most.

If you are suggesting all of society need adopt to the wishes of the trans community, which in itself is not entirely clear, regardless of how anyone else feel.

I think we are seeing in this new generation, not just left leaning policies, but authoritarian implementation. I might be left leaning, but I am very cautious of an authoritarian implementation.

Ultimately this is what the new wave of radical left are going to have to learn, they are not just against the Alt-right. Left leaning people will disagree with them on feminism, on racial issues, on free speech and their push for equality of outcome.

Indeed, it is not anyone who is right of them is a Nazi, the opposite is true, they represent the far left. The radical left. The authoritarian left.

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sure women can have discussion groups just as men can have gentlemen’s clubs and exclude women right?

No, that’s haram

I think you illustrate why an equality of outcome taken to its conclusion creates a mess. For example back in the UK my local swimming pool has Thurdsays only for women, I think it’s a good thing. Some women dont like men leering at them and where I am there is a significant Muslim community and the women wouldn’t otherwise use the pool, I dont feel the need to argue for a mens only afternoon.

Similarly here in Taiwan I noticed car parks have womens only parking near the exit, I think thats a good thing, I dont feel threatened and if that makes some women who feel insecure safer I am all for it. even here on forumosa we have a womens forum, this is all good.

What I was doing, was pointing out that a lot of new wave liberalism, is coming from the Authoritarian left. i.e. making policies, laws, to achieve a particular social outcome. Which will not just have critics from the right, there will be critics from the libertarian left.

I’m not interested in men’s only clubs but there are men who which to have gentleman’s clubs which exclude women , is it not their right to do so? If yes then recently English courts do not agree as excluding women from those clubs was considered illegal. Why?

I’m soooooo tired of being judged.

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I’m surprised the men here haven’t accused you of being sexist. They are always so sensitive to any form of affirmative action.

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What cases were those?

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False dichotomy squared = what’s it called, false tetrotomy? :ponder:

There were quite a few but this is a general article about it,8599,2031777,00.html
Incidentally mosques don’t have to admit women to the men only areas , I guess they fall under freedom of religion…Personally I’d like to ban religion (sarcasm on)