Man jumps out of 13th floor apartment after losing money on cryptocurrency gambling

Police rules out Covid…
well duh…
the obsession with the pandemic is becoming ridiculous.


Paper loss of $60m.

Profits aren’t real until they’re cashed out and in your bank account.


Must be nice to have $2M USD lying around to ‘invest’ in a junk coin Ponzi scheme.


Yes that’s true, although i doubt he got into crypto and immediately put everything into Luna. Probably invested in BTC first as a “gateway drug”, then started gambling on altcoins.

Do feel sorry for him, though blows my mind that people can make a life changing amount of money and not immediately cash out.


I had a friend a good few years ago who was what i would call a semi professional gambler. He would bet on horses but only twice a year (part of his plan). I was with him when he made over £8,000 in about an hour until we got asked to leave the betting shop.

He would go in with £100 if he lost it he would walk out, if he won he would put that £100 in his pocket + half his winnings, the rest would go in his pot, all other winnings would go half in his pocket half in the pot, he would never dip into his pocket if he was loosing. He always said “Its not mine unless it’s in my pocket”.


Silly fellow, gosh. At 29, go back to work and start over. Makes me think he “invested” mom’s cookie jar money or a loan from the guys with crooked noses.

“Officers also ruled out death from COVID as he tested negative for the virus.”
Man who lost millions jumps off the 13th floor, let’s test to see if it was COVID. Taiwan’s COVID policies have become a parody.


This is a great policy if he truly stuck with it. However, in my experience, alot of gamblers play down or completely hide their losses. i.e. he might have visited a ton of betting shops and lost loads but just didn’t tell you.

Same thing happens in the crypto-sphere - investors hide their bad plays and only talk about their wins. Good example is professional Twitter trader @PeterLBrandt, who got the nickname “Peter the Deleter” because of his habit of deleting past predictions that turned out to be wrong.

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No he was a bit of a geek and he had his “system” never bet on anything but the horses, never bet on a race he couldn’t see the horses beforehand and only twice a year. He was banned from a lot of betting shops and i got banned from that one for just being with him.


Every gambler has a “system” which works until it doesn’t.

So what happened if he lost and went broke those two times he went. Did he just live on zero income for the rest of the year, or was this a side hustle and he had a regular job?

Don’t gamble-invest with money you can’t afford to lose.


13 floors is too high.

That’s some stellar investigative work from the Taichung police. What a joke.


imagine what the headline would have been had he tested positive.
“Man dies of covid - had underlying gambling problems and broken bones”


“Man jumps from 13th floor after crypto loss, dies of COVID”

Seems like he survived the initial fall though, surprisingly. That’s got to suck.

A security guard working on the night shift heard a loud noise, rushed out to investigate, and found a severely injured man lying on the ground.


He had a regular job, this was just a side gig he did twice a year, he had a good trade and a good business.

He had his ‘system’ he knew its limitations, he had set his limits and did it for fun, when it worked, he could do quite well. When it didn’t, he knew when to cut his losses. I knew him for about 5 years and it never changed. I dont know if anything has change in the last 20 years though.


The system wasn’t doubling up on favourites, was it?


No :sweat_smile: he was a horse person and it was part based on biology, thats why he had to see the horses. The big winning came when the bookie hadn’t adjusted the odds quick enough, so not sure if it would work these days as they are all linked.


I like how it says “Officers also ruled out death from COVID as he tested negative for the virus.”. so were they suspecting covid for his jumping? Like “oh i got covid, end of world, lets jump”. maybe it happens idk but looks too far fetched to me to even come up with that idea.

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Apparently not the only person who lost it all on Luna