Man Recipes

I guess women can use them too :wink:

I need some simple recipes for simple cooking. Things above instant noodles but below, lets say, lasagna. I remember seeing some good MAN recipes in a Men’s Health magazine once, but never got them in motion.

I’m just looking for simple and nutritious (I really don’t even care about how it tastes :shock: ).

My mama always told me rice and beans get the job done cheap. How can I make sure I’m getting all of my vitamines?

I’ll post good links as I find them (haven’t even started looking yet).

Chop an onion into little bits. Fry it in a wok.

Add a couple of chopped up chilies - the li’l red ones - or the dried ones. You can even use the flakes you get in little packets with your pizza.

Throw in chopped up beef. Fry until brown. I usually drain off the fat, but if you don’t care what it tastes like…

Add chopped up green or red pepper (capsicum), keep frying for a short time, and pour in a can of tomatoes.

You now have a chili con carne. The longer you can put off eating it the better it tastes, until it goes rotten anyway. You can have it with rice but my fave is to swing by Yamazaki on the way home and pick up one of those long loaves of crusty bread. Just tear bits off and dip 'em in - no need for plates, cutlery, or anything except perhaps a beer.

You can also substitute chopped up man.

If vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat?

I dunno, but I have met numerous vegetarians who also talk to plants.

When is a tomato dead?

Cook noodles about 12 min. Drain.
Mix and heat; Can of mushroom soup, small can of vegetables, can of tuna.
Mix and throw some cheese on top if you like.

Disgusting in the States, delicious in Taiwan (these things are relative, after all):

Make a box of mac and cheese. Add a can of tuna (or chicken chunks if you have it instead) and a can of peas (or some revived frozen peas). Heck, if there’s enough cheese on the mac and cheese, even of hte reconstituted powdered Velveeta variety, you can throw in just about anything…

Tuna is an excellent protein source and a great way to eat when you’re on the go. I love the fact that in Taiwan the cans of tuna come in a pull lid so that I can carry it in my backpack with some crackers and I’m set! I’ve also found smaller cans for a single serving, which is great coz I don’t eat THAT much. But you might be interested in the regular sized cans (just because you might need to eat more).

Tuna & White Bean Salad

1 can of Tuna
1 can of White Beans (drained and rinsed)
Any kind of diced veggies. My favorites are onion, celery and carrots. You can add red & green peppers, cucumber, baby tomatoes or anything else you fancy.

Mix everything together and add your favorite vinegarette. An easy one would be to just squeeze some lemon juice with salt and pepper. Yum!!

nothing could be easier than pasta. here’s a good one. chop up some garlic and fry it up a bit in olive oil, then throw in half a pack of bacon chopped up in inch-long pieces–plain bacon, not like the “hsindongyang” ones with chinese seasoning. cook that a bit, but don’t let it get crisp. then throw in 4 of those little cans of kagomi tomatos yo can get at welcome, chop em up first. put a tablespoon of sugar in. once it boils use the lowest flame you can, after a half hour or so use a big spoon to scrape the excess oil out. throw in a bunch of jiucengta basil after about an hour and let it cook another 5 minutes or so. slap it on your pasta with some kraft parmesan and some red pepper

For healthy vegetable soup, chop up all of your favorite veggies (potatoes, carrots, celery, onion, green beans, etc.) into bite-size chunks. Throw some chopped steak or ground beef into the pot and cook it. Drain the fat. Put in your veggies, a can of tomato juice, 2-3 cups of water, some salt, pepper, and oregano, and you’ve got a low fat, healthy stew you can eat for 2-3 days. A healthy guy mainstay.

I also like to make chilli with kidney beans, beef, tomato sauce, cumin, black pepper, and red pepper. Its very hard to screw up chilli–just get it all in the same pot.

I use alot of receipes from Men’s Health as well. It’s worth buying a copy from time to time.

This is a forum where I have to tell the most disgusting food story I have ever heard. I was meeting some business associates in Tokyo and one of them told me a most disgusting story involving mushrooms.

There is some famous cartoon artist in Tokyo whose level of hygiene is low. He throws a pair of his mouldy underwear in some dark closet and forgets about them for a few months. While looking for something later, he finds them, and to his amazement, they now have mushrooms growing in them. So the dirty wanker picks them, cooks them, and gives them to his best friend for a meal (without telling him where they came from). Only afterward does he inform his friend of the source.

I was disgusted at this story and asked many Japanese friends about it. To my disbelief, they all knew about it!!!

I have a big jar of chunky Skippy peanutbutter, a butter knife, and a loaf of bread from 7-11. It has all a body needs.

Man cannot live by bread alone. He must have peanutbutter.

Dear Miltownkid,

The current Men

lasagne doesn’t really sound easy and fast done to me…=)

Lasagna: Open microwave, put lasagna in (make sure it is out of the box), close microwave and press some buttons. Snap.

The hard part is to make sure that Garfield and Odie don’t make off with it. They love Lasagna.

“In just seven days, I can make you a man.” – Dr. Frankenfurter

Now this is great stuff…

First you need 4 slices of 7/11 white bread, a jar of Carrefour mustard (no other will do) and a can of Hormel Vienna Sausages (I always get mine at any of the Filipino shops on Chung Shan N. Rd, Sec 3).

Pop the Viennas in a pot and start heating them up. Don’t let’em burn!

Spread the mustard (don’t use the whole jar!) on the bread making sure it’s nice and thick.

Pull the Viennas out of the pot into a small bowl and mash’em up good with a fork. Then spread evenly on the bread making 2 of the best sandwiches you’ve evr had. A little black pepper and some Indonesian sambal on top is nice too.

Oh yeah, wash it down with a cold, frosty Mountain Dew or San Miguel. Life can’t get much better!

Do you have any idea how fatty that stuff is, blueface? I mean, after the “i don’t like fat people” thread, and all…:slight_smile:

It’s all organic, thank you. :laughing:

And of course sliced livermush on saltines. Ummmmmmmmmm.

Throw some beancurd, potato and/or yam, tomatoes, mushrooms, whatever green veggies you have to hand (ideally one or more of broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage), and two or three eggs into a container, stick it into the microwave and leave it there till it’s nicely cooked. Then slap a thick layer of butter on some wholegrain bread, add some Marmite and a layer of cheese, and make yourself the most delicious sandwiches imaginable with liberal amounts of the wonderful concoction you’ve just cooked up. Eat it while reading the Taipei Times and quaffing a large cold beer. It’s just as good a treat as the finest haute cuisine dished up by any cordon-bleu chef.