Marriage licence certification

I am Singaporean, my wife is from Hong Kong, but we were married in a small town in California. We should like to apply for residence in Taiwan. We are told that we need to go to San Francisco and have our US marriage licence certified by TECO there. We are also told that we need to take the licence there in person. But we just can not take time off right now. But we have relatives in SFO. Could we just courier the licence over to them and have them take it up to TECO there? Exactly what is involved?

Thanks for your help.

I believe your relatives can do that for you. Or, you may be able to do that by snail mail. You can ask to TECO in San Francisco by phone or email.

Thank you for your response.

Actually, I wrote TECO SFO yesterday, not expecting anything. But they replied right away. Amazing. Absolutely the first time in my life when I get a prompt and informative reply from bureaucrats.

Apparently I can send my application in by mail.

I need to send a certified copy of my marriage licence. Presumably, they are worried, rightly, that the original will get lost in the post. But can this be done by a notary public in Hong Kong, where I am now?

I have read similar threads on getting an APRC in this forum. But nothing on marriage licences. Presumably most members get married in Taiwan?

Ka Tai

I think that should be able to be done in HK.

This thread might be some help.

And General Information on Document Legalization and Authentication Services.

I wrote TECO SFO again. The certificate must be notarised in their area. So I have to send the original.