Marriage to a Taiwanese who has dual citizenship - HOW?

Anyone with this experience?

My boyfriend has 2 passports. Since his father is Taiwanese, he has a Taiwan passport. He also has a Philippine passport courtesy of his mother. Both passports are valid.

We are planning to get married soon but I have no idea what to do.

If I marry him as a Filipino, am I automatically married to his Taiwanese identity? or vice-versa?

Some people say marry him as a Taiwanese then marry him again as a Filipino. Is this feasible?

Please help!!! I have nightmares of my boyfriend having 2 wives. One married to the Filipino and another to the Taiwanese.

I’ll have whatever you’re drinking.

Anyone out there??? Anyone with a dual passport who can help me? Richard? :frowning:

I really need some answers. I asked our Philippine consulate (MECO) and it seems marrying a fellow Filipino is easier than getting married to a Taiwanese.

However, they don’t know anything about marriage to a dual citizen.

By the way, my boyfriend’s Filipino name and origin is included in his Taiwanese ID (shen fen zheng?).

I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. Could you explain in a bit more detail why you’re asking this question. I have three passports, but my wife only had to marry me once (!)

Well, Hexuan. I am a bit confused too but this is how it goes…

I am of Philippine nationality. I asked our “Embassy” how to marry a dual citizen and they told me that I must indicate one of my boyfriend’s nationality.

If I choose Filipino, then the requirements are easier but I can’t get an ARC for Taiwan since I am not married to a Taiwanese.

If I choose Taiwanese, then I do not have any rights to my boyfriend’s property in the Philippines.

I think this is what bothers me.

You have 3 passports - which nationality did you put in the marriage certificate? Is your wife recognized by the 3 countries?

Well, that sounds so outlandish that I’d check that the embassy didn’t give you the wrong information – it has been known!

Surely if you marry someone, you marry them. You can’t get an ARC? Why not? You are married to a Taiwan citizen.

You don’t have rights to your Philippine husband’s property? Why not? You’re married to him.

I agree with you sandman. If you marry someone, you should be married to him (Taiwanese or Filipino).

Not according to the “embassy.”

I asked them again and the secretary said very slowly " If the marriage certificate indicates a Taiwanese husband, then I can get an ARC. If it indicates a Filipino husband, no ARC but with recognized marital rights in the Philippines."

I told them this is absurd. My boyfriend is both Taiwanese and Filipino.

The secretary laughed and said “You can only indicate one citizenship in the marriage certificate.”

So what do you think of that? Richard? Sandman? Hexuan?

Any good advice? :unamused:

Marry him twice. Bigamy shouldn’t be a problem, as you still marry the same person, just different nationalities. You wouldn’t want to sleep with a nationality anyway, right?

Sorry, the above response is not that serious, but after I read the quoted statement, this was the first thing I thought of. But while I think about it: Could there be some country that would state both nationalities on the certificate? Or: Is there a country that would allow a “double wedding”? That would create a strange situation indeed - being married twice, but with the same person…

Ayah72, your situation sure sounds very problematic, I don’t really have an answer to your question on whether to marry him as a Fillipino or as a Taiwanese, but to marry him twice may not be the best of ideas because in many marriage certificates it will state for both the brdegroom and bride there conjugal status. So what will you state in this catagory when you marry your husband again? I wish I could be of more help because i am married to a Taiwanese and am currently in the process of gathering all our documents to apply for legal status in both our respective countries. Which is a real headache, actually getting married is easy, gaining residency status seems a bit more difficult. Well best of luck and hope all goes well for you both.

I wasn’t aware you had to state nationality on the cert. I’ve never heard of this (relevance?).

So I assume the Philippines doesn’t recognise dual nationality ?

My advice - marry him as a Taiwanese. If you need conjugal rights in the Phillipines he will be able to prove he is a Phillipne citizen and that he is married to you. That, I would imagine, should be good enough.

According to authoritative paperwork issued by the ROC’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Philippines DOES RECOGNIZE dual nationality.

As for the statement that only one nationality can be indicated on the marriage certificate . . . . . . where is that specified in the law? Just because some official mentions this doesn’t mean that it is an ironclad rule. Speaking quite frankly, if any of these officials had any significant amount of legal knowledge, they wouldn’t be sitting behind the desk answering questions from the general public . . . . . they would be in the legal affairs department or whatever. Hence, their advice can be expected to be less than the whole truth, in my experience.

Also, you have stated that the dual nationality husband is both Filipino and Taiwanese, but you have not stated if he has current Household Registration in Taiwan and an ID card. If he only has the so-called Overseas Passport, that is generally only a step above statelessness . . . . . . (but luckily you say he has the Filipino nationality). You should specify the details more clearly, and also indicate his profession, and whether he has any direct lineal relatives in Taiwan who have ROC ID. These factors would all affect his immigration status.

Thanks for all the response but I’m still in a state of confusion. Marrying him twice is definitely a no-no.

Richard, my boyfriend has a household registration, a Taiwanese ID (which indicates that he is of Filipino descent) and is also finished with his military service. His parents and 2 sisters are also here in Taiwan.

He is working with a manufacturing company as their technical supervisor.

What, therefore, should I do?

If the Philippines recognizes dual nationality, can I indicate both citizenship in the marriage certificate?

Also, the requirements for marrying a Taiwanese and a fellow Filipino are totally different. Which should I comply with?

Can I just marry my boyfriend using his Filipino nationality and then present the marriage certificate to MOFA for an ARC?

Anyone else out there with knowledge on how to get married to a dual citizen?

Any helpful advice no matter how insignificant it might seem would be appreciated…

[quote=“Ayah72”]Anyone else out there with knowledge on how to get married to a dual citizen?

Any helpful advice no matter how insignificant it might seem would be appreciated…[/quote]

As far as I know the Philippines does not permit dual-citizenship. Children with dual citizenship are expected to choose their citizenship after reaching maturity. I would trust MECO on this one – their advice may seem strange, but I believe they are just giving you the information you need so that you can play the angles. These guys are more practical than by-the-book.

I’m sure your husband-to-be’s relatives can help you look for the appropriate legal advice.

Bills are currently pending in the Philippine congress, however, to allow dual-citizenship. Check out the following bill:

SBN-2130, entitled:

Here’s the companion bill in the House of Representatives at

Status: Unfinished Business (On Sponsorship)

Principal Author: Lozada, Jose Apolinario Jr. L. [Authors]
Main Committee Referral: RULES [Committees]

According to a recent report from Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs which is currently circulating in the Legislative Yuan, the Philippines is heavily leaning toward giving tacit recognition to dual nationality.

The expression “tacit recognition of dual nationality” means that (for example) when an ROC citizen gains citizenship there, he/she does not have to produce any formal documentation to prove the renunciation of original citizenship.

I guess documented Presidential support for the previously mentioned bills, supports the “heavily leaning toward giving tacit recognition to dual nationality” observation. She (Gloria M. Arroyo) runs the Immigration department – so who are they to crack the whip on their own?

Hartzell, just curious. Does this mean that the Philippine Bureau of Immigration and Deportation (BID) may, or may not, require documentation regarding renunciation? Meaning no guarantee on whether or not they will be required.

Would you classify this marrrying as a Filipino citizen as a calculated risk, or an in-the-bag type deal? Given the prevailing mood, would you say now is the best time to take advantage of a “don’t ask - don’t tell” policy with regard to citizenship?

Given the constitutional ban on foreign ownership of Philippine land, it’ll be a bit dicey if the “winds” in the BID change don’t you think? And they do change; depending on who is in office.

Well, I asked MECO again and they told me that I should just marry my boyfriend as a Taiwanese citizen.

Thanks for all the advices. :smiley:

hello! i know this topic is very long time ago, I’m just wondering is there still someone here? i have the same situation. I’m a male with dual citizenship, both Philippines and Taiwan. i was born here in Taiwan but raised in Philippines. My girlfriend is a Filipino citizen. I went here in Taiwan after graduating college in PH. I am working here now and also finished my military service. I was just thinking if i am going to marry my gf is it possible for us to get married here in Taiwan? I also want her to have Taiwan citizenship, if possible dual citizenship.

You can get married in Taiwan, but your future wife will have to provide some documents from the Filipino government proving that she is single. These documents will need to be translated and authentificated. The process differs a bit for each country, so ask at the embassy.

Your wife will not automatically get Taiwanese citizenship, but can become naturalised after a certain time. However, she might need to give up her Filipino citizenship to get the Taiwanese one.

If you reside here as a Taiwanese, you can get married to your gf just as other taiwanese marry a Filipino citizen. As for things in Taiwan, I think you don’t need to worry about your another citizenship.

Recent threads on marriage of Taiwanese and foreigner may be more helpful.