Marriage to a Taiwanese who has dual citizenship - HOW?

thanks guys for your infos
i forgot to mention, my gf is not holding an ARC. she is in Philippines, so we are on a LDR. She only visits me here as a tourist. So maybe my question is, can we get marry here in Taiwan even she’s entering as a tourist?

@rooftopclown i guess that’s what i am worrying about, when we came to the point that she have to give up her Filipino citizenship.


To get married in Taiwan, she doesn’t need an ARC. Even two foreigners can get married in Taiwan.

Though, to get a residency based on the marriage, she may need to do some paperwork in Philippines after the marriage.

To be naturalized, ordinary people need to give up original citizenship.

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it seems like it would be easier if we get married here rather tan getting married in Philippines. Because of all the translation thing and authorization, it’s very expensive in PH.

Residency is different from being naturalized right? so does is it means if she didn’t want to renounce her Filipino citizenship she could stay here in Taiwan as resident instead? does resident got to get Taiwan passport?

She won’t get a passport, only an ARC, which will allow her to stay (and since you are Taiwanese) work) here.

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Resident Visas for Foreign Spouses of R.O.C.(Taiwan) Citizens Having Household Registration
Resident Visa For Fillipino National Married to ROC National

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How did the marriage end up? Your kids must be getting ready for college by now.

No. You cannot marry her here in Taiwan while she’s on tourist visa. Tourist visa is just for the word itself, government transactions involving marrying a tourist might not allowed.
The easy way for you may be marry her in Philippines first since she is Filipina and apply her a residency in Taiwan. I have been on this situation. Ours was somehow different. (“You can read topics here about “getting married in taiwan”). It took us 8 months to be with each other but for you with dual citizenship, it may just take 3 months or so.

By the way, I’m a Filipina and I got married here in Taiwan to a foreigner also.

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We also thought that it would be easy if we got married in Taiwan but no, it was a nightmare for us.
The Taiwan embassy in Philippines will definetly advice you to marry her in Philippines first.

I believe foreigners on tourist visa or on visa exemption can marry in Taiwan. Whether it is the best way for getting a residency for the spouse is a different story.

okay now I’m confused. i really thought it would be easier to get married here. i also really prefer getting married here than in Philippines.

or maybe it was hard for you because you guys are both foreigners in Taiwan? @Spicycheek

i also read this topic. and it seems like its easier for them getting married here in Taiwan

Anyway you need to resister your marriage in her country, Philippines, and she needs to return home once to get a visa there for her residency.

And did you read this thread?

I have talked to several colleagues of mine with Taiwanese husbands because I was trying to get some advice about my situation.

It might be different in some processes (us both being foreigners and you as a dual citizen) but the similar here is you will get a Filipino bride. So you will deal with the Philippine government.

Anyway you can try to marry her in Taiwan and after that you have to register your marriage in Philippines. It may take 3-6months to wait for the PSA registration.

Or maybe set aside your Filipino citizen and marry her as a Taiwanese one. That might be easier.

@tando ok it seems like, it is more complicated if both parties are foreigners in Taiwan.
but on the thread i shared, he married a Taiwanese which makes it a little easier though a lot of process also, but easier. which is almost the same with my situation cuz i am a Taiwanese.

so i guess what we could do is get married here in Taiwan. have it registered also in Philippines. Then my gf/wife has to return to Philippines to apply for JFRV then after that she could come back to Taiwan and we could start applying for her ARC.

is my understanding correct?

yes! @Spicycheek that was my plan, to set aside my Filipino, and marry her here as Tawainese, that’s what i really want.

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Please ask any household registration office here if a Filipino with a tourist visa can get married in Taiwan. Just to make sure.

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That’s much better!
Tell your bride to start getting CENOMAR and birth certificate and make it authenticated by ASEANA DFA.


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