Mass shooting threat over virginity! USA

Well… i’ve heard and seen it all.
Lets all be grateful that we live here in Taiwan (assuming people on here do because this is expat forum??). Glad this crap doesnt happen here.

Theres a lot of these people these days.

Not only a loser, a DANGEROUS loser.

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Incel piece of crap. And he wonders why he can’t get laid… well now he’s definitely not, except perhaps in Sing-Sing’s shower block.

I took a look at an incel forum to see what it was and it’s a dark place.

Not getting any will do that to you.

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Those sites should be shut down and FBI should get on with the pedophilic lowlives. They are extremely dangerous to the society.

I start feeling nervous when guys get past college age and still haven’t had sex yet (unless they’re abstaining on purpose). It’s usually around that time when they start getting weird.

Have you met this past new season of the bachelor? What a unicorn

Didn’t he jump a fence or something when the girl he wanted rejected him? See, there’s that weirdness. You just don’t know what they’re gonna do next.

State-funded girlfriends for incels would solve this issue. Ez.

Or a boyfriend.

did you watch 2nd season of Celebrity Big Brother?
that female Olympian is a real whackjob

Or a prostitute

If you ask a man about his strangest dates you’ll probably end up laughing. Ask a woman about hers and you’ll end up feeling scared.


if firearms was as easy to buy in Taiwan and the Usa. I am sure there would be a lot more shootings here.


Nah it will just give you a stronger wrist

It’s easy to buy knives in Taiwan but there isn’t that many knife crime (unlike England).

Remember the guy from Taiwan that was planning a mass shooting in the US?


If you let every idiot run around with an assault rifle, fine. But don’t complain afterwards about the shootings.