Massive car wreck in fog on Highway #61 - please slow down

[一家三口拜拜卻遇22車連撞死劫 老婦慘死夫兒跳離保命 | 社會 | 三立新聞網 SETN.COM]

A reminder to slow down in bad weather! Its sunny here so hard guess weather is so different, but even in rain I see people driving fast (not only here in Taiwan but more in other nations I lived too !)


Not a good scene:



I drove on that for the first time coming back from the in-laws after CNY (avoiding the freeways). Nice road, but I can see how there could easily be heavy early morning fog so close to the sea.

I don’t agree that fog was the cause of the accident as Yen Wei-cheng is quoted. How people drive in fog is, as the OP points out, the issue. There is always going to be fog and rain, if people are incapable of driving in those conditions then please stay home or take a train.

I’m a bit annoyed because I had a run in with a complete twat driving home this evening. Some drivers are unbelievably bad.


I used to work in the industry and many drivers would use the excuse of ‘it was raining or snowing or there was ice, how could I be deemed at fault.’ One person was arguing with me for a while before I finally said bluntly ‘if you weren’t on the road the accident wouldn’t have happened. You chose to drive in these conditions so you take any fault when something happens.’

Their skills or lack thereof are to blame in cases like this. In my case on any major snow day I took the bus and subway.


Agree with, if you can avoid driving in the snow, avoid it as you can not control what others do. I have driven slow when snowing, to have other pass at high speed wondering how will ever stop if there some traffic. (or more common slide off the roadway). Here in Taiwan for the most part people do not drive fast, but…

These horrible freeway wrecks happen often

Saw the clip on tv some vehicles were simply crushed
You can see they are not survivable the people in those vehicles

Actually it seems some people came out of their vehicles…and got run over in the melee… Really awful.

And that kind of pile up freeway accident does not happen as often in Taiwan.

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Yes the accident is still happening even when you are stopped
Many do get run over or hit after exiting their vehicle all over the world
I hope there are less of these horrible crashes now

Used to be common when I was driving Taiwan’s freeways

They don’t all get reported

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Oh they get reported all right. All channels were running this one. And every single small fender bender, ir else they would have no material for broadcast.

I honestly can’t remember such a pileup in recent years here.

Yeah this one is more major than most
Last one I remember was that tour bus that plowed into a bunch of cars a few years ago

Back in the day a lot don’t get reported
I remember passing by a wrecked civic with three bodies inside and I don’t remember seeing that in the news

But I guess the news hounds are on it nowadays

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Just the more lurid stuff gets reported .

Sex sells
Lurid sells
Lurid sex sells best

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Tommy, the last time you drove here, there was a single highway going south. We have somewhere between three and five now.

News here can be up to 80% car wrecks per hour.

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Well, Abe said, “Where you want this killin’ done?”
G_d said, “Out on Highway 61”

Published in the Taipei Times before this latest highway debacle, this op-ed has some revealing stats indicating just how badly and dangerously people in Taiwan drive relative to their peers:


Fairly useless article, doesn’t even mention lazy police or poor driver education .

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The number of times I’ve seen cop cars on the freeway and other drivers speed past them. And the cops do nothing.

If anyone was cheeky enough to try a stunt like that in the UK the police would have their balls.


Yes,I saw this on the news, very sad. A woman got out of the car after the initial car/truck collision to see what was happening.

She got hit by another car and died. Meanwhile, her husband stayed in their car and survived.


yeah they say unless you can get to safe ground 100pct and quickly being in your car and strapped in is safer.
Just because your car is in a crash does not mean the whole sequence is over. Other cars could soon be crashing into you or around you.

As a follow up, 7 drivers have been charged in this accident:

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