Massive Landslide on No. 3 Freeway

As anyone who’s looked at the news in the last few hours will have seen, there’s been a massive landslide on the No. 3 Freeway near Keelung, burying something like 200~300 metres of the road under a mass of earth and rocks at least a couple of storeys high. Eyewitneses report seeing at least two or three cars buried, but I’d have thought there should be far denser traffic than that on the freeway on a Sunday afternoon, and so a strong possibility of more being buried. The freeway will be out of action for a long time (they’re initially estimating at least 20 days just to clear away the landslide), which will snarl up traffic on alternative routes in the north.

Looks bad. Some cars under the rubble. :astonished:

highway number?



Number 3 Freeway, near Qidu (on the way to Jilong). News reckons a 200m-wide section of the mountain fell into the road - completely blocked, cars buried. Mandarin report.

Highway No.3 just North of the Qidu Toll Station. … ety_TAIWAN

Wife said it wasn’t a big deal, but if cars are under it…? Media seems screwing things up again as always
Let’s hope no cars under it nor victims :pray:

It wasn’t raining lately, not quake. Strange

highway number?


Just find a TV.

I did as I can not always rely on my dear wife for TV feedback.
Looks very bad indeed. 300 meter wide, the height of a 20 - 25 floor building.
It would be a miracle if all upcoming cars saw that one coming and stopped in time.
Not a question of If there are , but how many will sadly have lost their life again in forces of nature on this Rock :frowning:

5000 tons of earth, boulders and concrete across 300m, of the Number 3 highway. Aerial shots look like an entire hill side collapsed and slid over the road, can’t be sure but looks like concrete retaining walls and steep hillsides were factors. Some transport department official saying no evidence that cars are buried but they are not ruling out that possibility. 6 large earth movers already at the scene with more on the way and they say they’ll be excavating around the clock to try to find any vehicles that may be buried. Distraught family members claiming to have missing relatives they have unexpectedly been unable to reach and who would have been using that road at the time are already at the scene. Low brow media clowns up to their usual amateur hour histrionics and gutter journalism.

Confirmed at least two cars by their GPS. One of them is a taxi cab, so they can trace it, and its location is under that mass… :cry:

Amazed that more cars weren’t buried.

Chen Mei-fong, a local entertainer, witnessed the accident and said that she barely made it -a difference of 3 to 10 seconds between life and death.


Please remember Number 3 Highway will be closed two weeks due to this incident. take Highway Number 1 instead.

To compensate, Taiwan railway will set extra trains available for the Keelung route.

Relatives have reported up to six cars missing, from people who usually take that route/are suspected of have taken that route and cannot be found/contacted.

Here’s a TVBS news report that I recorded this evening. I had to split it into two pieces as the original video was approximately 15 minutes long.

Part 1

Part 2

Wow seeing those pics. Incredible earth movement. Without a major quake. keelung normal rains did this or what??

Almost unimaginable landslide. I think the road may be out of commission a lot longer then a few weeks from the looks of it.

They have around 500 people working on returning the people trapped as well as the road, including all services.

[quote=“tommy525”]Wow seeing those pics. Incredible earth movement. Without a major quake. Keelung (Jilong) normal rains did this or what??

Almost unimaginable landslide. I think the road may be out of commission a lot longer then a few weeks from the looks of it.[/quote]

No rain, no quake.

Frightening that without so much as an earthquake or a storm, a landslide like that can just happen.

Wow, those are some dramatic images. If it is possible for anyone to live through that I hope they can be rescued.

I hate to say this, but survival buried under that is unlikely . It would truly take a miracle.

And they cant clear it for what 2 weeks? 30 days?

Any still alive under those how many tons of rubble wouldnt live another 2 weeks or so.

You can see pretty much exactly where this large chunk of land just separated itself from the rest of the hillside and slid over the roadways in this picture of the three posted above. It is truly amazing that this happens without rain or earthquake activity.

Thoughts and prayers to those who might be trapped under this mess. Thank god it wasn’t Tomb Sweeping weekend or Chinese New Year.