Massive U.S. college entrance exam cheating scandal


One of them payed a half a million. I’m sure that’s enough to get you in if you make that donation. It’s also ridiculous to be recruited for sports they don’t even play. At least pick a sport they play and say oops, we make a mistake scouting.

They’re also setting their kids to fail. There’s a reason why schools take students above a certain aptitude. If you can’t get in, you’re probably going to really struggle in the university.


Hmm, looks like their numbers have improved a lot.


What? They don’t. They charge twice the amount of public unis. 50k only. 150k is more like Korea or Japan.

Idk why ppl are comparing Taiwanese tuition fees and America’s tuition fees. Shouldn’t America be compared to Canada or Australia or Britain?


I really regret not going there. The campus is one of the nicest I’ve ever seen. New and full of new technology. It’s even harder to get into since i applied about 9 years ago. The average SAT was around 1420 when I applied, now it’s 1450. ACT was around 31, now 33. I can’t say how great their quality of education is, but it’s no joke to get in. I think they have now only a 15% acceptance rate so that’s up there with elite schools.


Yeah, I was surprised to see this. Their numbers are way up from when I was in college.


I couldn’t justify that 50k price tag for a education though. Especially not now knowing it’s all pretty much the same outside of the prestigious name and possible net working. And it’s not even including housing, most likely a car to get around and food. That’s insane unless you have a hefty college fund for it. I think it was around 45k when I applied as NYU was the most expensive school I looked at with a tuition of more than 50k.

I went with a solid school with the program I wanted and a nice scholarship.


I do apologise. Perhaps I was thinking NT150k a year. I’ll ask at work tomorrow.


Well, I am sure that some “spin doctors” as we used to call them are making $$$ handling this “crisis” and trying to strategize, because these are people who just won’t “lose” as it’s all a game to them.

Fake tits, plastic surgery, fake grades, probably has a social media writer, cuz she prolly cand spel.


yea, it wasn’t such a great school back in the early 2000s. Borderline joke, Guess its improved a lot


And then, they will have this whole big thing of being “victims” of society’s pressure to be perfect, one or more may attempt suicide, maybe even post or livestream it.

They will be on talk shows, similar to how Kim K got famous for having a sextape, now look at her and the family, OMG!


The class I’m teaching at the moment pay 65k a semester


It depends on the departments/studies. Science/engineering/medicine is more expensive since they need to pay for the lab stuff too.

And you said 150k so I was right.


Yes, you were.




Soon enough, Jie Zhao’s younger son would gain admission and join the team. And Zhao, who never lived a day in the Needham house, would sell it 17 months after he bought it for a $324,500 loss.

The home sale may become the next chapter in the national debate over fairness in college admissions.

Zhao, who has lavished his largesse on the fencing world and on Harvard, knows how the home purchase looks. But he said it was not meant to help his younger son get into college. Rather, in a series of interviews with the Globe, he called it an investment and favor for Brand, the coach whom he said had become his close friend.


I’m surprised Harvard accepted an Asian student, even with a giant bribe.