May 21st--Join the hiking club scale Taipei 101

Yes, that’s right. You can have the chance to climb to the 84th floor of Taipei 101. Once you finish climbing (whether you make it or not), you can go to the top and have a buffet lunch complements of Jason’s Market. The entry fee is NT$500 plus a mandatory donation to charity of NT$2000. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and at least a few of the hiking club members are sure to join.

If you get someone to pledge 1 NT for every 5 steps you take, and you make it up the 1899 steps to the top, you could get NT$380 in pledge money that way. Otherwise you could just pay the money yourself since it’s going to a good cause anyway, the Garden of Hope Foundation. See the following links for more info: … 2003301489 … 0507.shtml … ochure.pdf

If you would like to put a Team Name down on your application form, please put Taipei Hiking Club.

Just so you know, this is not a race, and there’s plenty of time to complete the climb if you are not in the best of shape.

Hope to see you there. Keep an eye on this thread for more information as we get closer to May 21st.

I thought Taipei 101 was 101 floors. Isn’t it?

If so, why stop at 84?

If not, what does the 101 refer to?

I think we need team shirts that read:

“We climbed Taipei 84!”

An excerpt from the Taipei Times article that’s worth posting:

And, although the TT article didn’t mention it, donations will go to The Community Services Center as well.

I’ve been to 91, but I didn’t walk.

And there might – just might – be a Muddy Basin treat on the 84th floor. Maybe.

There’d better be.

Isn’t that David Chen I see on the wepage describing this event? … 0507.shtml

I didn’t think he was Canadian. If he’s getting all of that publicity, the least he could do would be to have you all perform. :wink:

And if that’s not incentive enough, look at one of the celebrity stair climbers who will be participating: … rity.shtml

I have no idea who she is, but I’d gladly climb 84 flights of stairs behind her. :howyoudoin:

Methinks there’ll be a plentitude of starlets and pretty little lamei fluttering around.

I’ll be there for sure.

Wow, so he either ran or hopped. Bloody show-off, that RichardM. Seriously.

This is for a great cause. Good idea to post the info, scomargo. Glad to hear the hiking club will be there, as will the CIHL.

Make sure you all get a big Carnegies brunch before you go! :smiling_imp:

Seriously, have fun folks. :bravo:

I’m pretty new to Taiwan and just heard that Taipei 101 is holding some climbing thing. What’s the news on this? Can anybody join? Or do we have to be a member of some organization? The Lady would like to know

Have a look at this site

It is open to everyone but spots are limited.

Sounds really interesting. I think I should get in shape and to some training and than join. Is the hiking club holding some training events for this? :wink:
Even I can’t join the hiking club often, am I still allowed to put me on the team? And are you guys starting together or everybody is on his own?

Sure, I don’t see why not. It might even bring some recognition to the Taipei Hiking Club if we bring in a lot of donations.

Very good question, and one I have been wondering myself. I would think that if you are part of a team, that the team would be allowed to start together. I saw on the website that they will be assigning starting times to stagger the people out, but I’m not sure how that works for teams, or how strict it really is. In any case, I’m sure that you’ll have at least a few people that you can walk up the stairs with, so that people can walk together according to their speed/conditioning.

Speaking of training for the event, I tried walking up the 18 floors in my building yesterday, and even did it twice in a row. Damn near killed me, but I think if I do that a few times a week, it should help. Not that I’m trying to race anybody, but I would like to not have a heart attack while climbing 101.

You guys do realise that Taipei 101 has some perfectly good elevators, right? :loco:

I never trusted this modern things. If god wanted us to hang on ropes and be pulled around he would have created us with stonger arms. :wink:

At the moment I try to ride my bike everyday for about 1 to 1 1/2 hours in the hills here around Shrmen Reservoir with not avoiding this up and downs to get some better conditions. The stairs in my house would be interesting but we just have 3 floors, so I would need to do it 20 times in a row to make something comparable. Any hills around with planty of stairs going up?

We did a great hike at the weekend that was perfect training. Lots of steps. I’m just guessing, but I think there were about a million of them.

Funny you mentioned that, I was thinking of you guys as I climbed the stairs yesterday. I’d been to Carrefour and was loaded with two big bags of shopping. Fourteen flights later, I made it. It took me about five minutes.

Oh, BTW I didn’t do it by choice - the lift was knackered.

In order to attempt the 101 walk you guys must have HUGE kahunas…to quote a great song…“For those about to rock…we salute you!”

Stair walking appears to be much tougher than any of the hikes I’ve ever done.

Good luck you mad things.