McDonald's in Taiwan

Does anyone know how many McDonald’s there are in Taipei??

At the beginning of this year, Taiwan had 338 McD’s. (Isn’t Altavista’s advanced search function wonderful?)

Or to put it another way: Too damn many.

Too many? Maybe. But at least they let you use the restrooms, which are always cleaned regularly. Especially in dirtier countries, this is a bit of a godsend.

BTW, Taiwan’s first/oldest McDonald’s is on the corner of Dunhua and Minsheng.

okay, fun boy, what’s the right number of mcdonald’s in a foreign country like taiwan? if they are staying afloat, then it seems like it’s the right number to me.

PS: i don’t go to mcdonald’s, i’m a vegetarian.
PPS: i heard they don’t use vegetable oil in the fries hear, t or f?
PPPS: if you’re a teacher or use english in your job, don’t even try to come back with “globalisation is bad.”

Yeah, imagine Spring Scream without the Kenting McD toilets. Eeeeeeewwwww.

I heard IS Coffee and Starbucks are all losing money hand over fist - maybe McD too?

Originally posted by makaiwen: PPS: i heard they don't use vegetable oil in the fries hear, t or f?

I worked for McD’s during one summer break of my univ. life. And yes, McD never uses vegetable oil. This chain uses solid, blockloads of polyunsaturated, white lard!

McD’s had been saying that the ingredients for its fries were “Potatoes, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, natural flavor, dextrose, sodium acid pyrophosphate (to preserve natural color). Cooked in partially hydrogenated soybean and corn oils, TBHQ (to protect flavor).”

Sounds pretty veggie, no?

But after a lawsuit from some Hindus, who aren’t exactly keen on consuming beef fat, the company issued the following: “Potatoes, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, natural flavor (beef source), dextrose, sodium acid pyrophosphate (to preserve natural color). Cooked in partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, (may contain partially hydrogenated soybean oil and/or partially hydrogenated corn oil and/or partially hydrogenated canola oil and/or cottonseed oil and/or sunflower oil and/or corn oil). TBHQ and citric acid added to help preserve freshness. Dimethylpolysiloxane added as an anti-foaming agent.”

Not a new recipe, just a new way of describing what had been there all along.

Fat and sugar in fast food ‘as addictive as drugs’ … ice_vi.ram (Real Player file)

I’m with McDonald’s on this one. The reasonable man knows a diet of Big Macs will make him fat, just as I know 20 Marlboro a day is going to give me cancer. I have only myself to blame.

What next - are we going to sue creameries and Tate & Lyle because their core products are unhealthy if taken in ridiculous quantities ?! Are alcoholics going to sue breweries ? Can I sue Yamaha if I fall of my bike ?

doesn’t surprise me a bit. as a formerly obese american who was/is addicted to fast food i can testify as to how addicitive such is. i could go for a month or two without patronizing the golden arches. i woulld “treat” myself on the odd occasion. shortly after the initial visit i would find myself in line a day later with no intent to buy their food. it was almost like it was someone else taking over my body and leading me into mcdonalds. i have been saying that i am a fast food addict for well over a decade now. at first people would sneer, now…

naturally, as with any desire, trying to banish it away only leads to more nefarious ramifications. i would try to “come to terms” with my addiction. i found if i just eat the beef burger (sans bun) and drank the liquid the recidivism rate was lessened. any combo i tried including fries resulted in my jonesin again in short order. the best way, for taming my addiction, that i found was just eating the beef patty. no fries, no cola, no buns. i have been mcd’s free for over six months now.

the book “fast food nation” is a fine read and i’ll be glad to lend my copy out.

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Interesting post. Rather brief though isn’t it? :smiley:

So, is your point that junk food is/is not addictive, that drugs are/are not addicitive, or that people should be left to do what they want with their bodies regardless of any real or imaginary consequences?

Actually it is not just fast food that is high in fat and calories. Most processed foods add way to much fats, sugar, and salt. Otherwise they would taste as lousy as they are empty nutritionally.

There’s a link to a video story. I don’t have a “point”, I just thought others might be interested in the story.

so, i take it that you appreciate mcdonald’s in taiwan, skeptic, because you can end up in line so long you never get a chance to eat anything - you are forced to go to another establishment or starve. really, mcd’s service is horrible and it’s not all the servers’ fault. you get customers who hem and haw for five minutes over whether to get the medium or large fries, or who you are just behind (making you think you will soon be able to order) only to realize that they are holding a spot for 57 of their closest friends and family members. i have been totally weaned off mcd’s because of the establishment’s inefficiency…

A few years ago, some lady successfully sued McDonalds because she burned her legs with a cup of hot McDonalds coffee after placing it between her legs so that she could drive.

Hence, the warning on a McD’s coffee cup that “contents are very hot.”

If this suit is successful, McD’s will have to post a warning on all food wrappers: “Warning: Eat said burger will make your ass very, very fat.”

they deserved to be sued, because there had been umpteen complaints about the coffee being too hot and the company was negligent in taking no action in response to them. plus, they suck. anyway, someday i hope to see every pizza box to carry a similar warning, something like, “slow down moron or you’re going to burn the roof of your mouth.”

Don’t let me get started on my latest kick:

I’ll bore you all to tears.

For the curios: Self-reliance, friends, self-reliance, stop letting spotty kids make your coffee-do it yourself.

[quote=“Alleycat”]For the curios: Self-reliance, friends, self-reliance[/quote]Could you help me with that ? I can’t do it by myself. :unamused:

Who is Sue MacDonalds, does she like lard arses like me ?

Yep, the original poster forgot the comma and the word “call.”

It should have read: Call Sue MacDonalds, if you’re fat.