Meanwhile in Catalonia...


ANC organizes a butifarrada (something like to grill Catalan style chorizo) to collect money for the Jordi’s, and the vegan independentists are offended :laughing:

some of the answers:

“Yo, por la dignidad de los cerdos, no iré a ninguna butifarrada”

“I, for the pig’s dignity, won’t attend any butifarrada”

“Me gustaría reclamar dignidad y libertad también por los cerdos. Quisiera liberarlos a todos muy pronto”

“I’d like to claim dignity and freedom also for the pigs. I’d like to liberate all of them very soon”



“Vegan independentists are offended” is a sentence I would have never expected to read or hear in my life.


I can’t really explain how funny some of the news are, really. Everyday there are WTF news coming from Catalonia. Some of the nationalists are ashamed by their politicians, ad recognize that this has been a big disaster, but it’s now always the case. As I said, we are talking about a delusional movement that claims to be the oldest nation in the World. Some of their leaders believe (create the theories of) Shakespeare to be the same person than Cervantes, that Leonardo Da Vinci was Catalan, and other crazy stuff. (òria )

The problem, again, even though it’s pretty obvious that there was been mass indoctrination and manipulation, and that have been blatantly lied by their leaders, reality doesn’t affect the great majority of the secessionists…


At least not until we colonize Vega.


They didn’t have the follow-through. This particular revolution is over. But that doesn’t doesn’t mean the larger struggle is over. Freedom is not for the weak, but subjugation is not for the strong. Rebellions often come in clusters. The first one fails through the fecklessness of its leaders. The second one does a good deal better.

Whatever comes next, it won’t be tidy.

What a dry run for a revolution looks like:


A “dry run for a revolution” looks like your university homework? :sleeping:


I’ll just put this here. :whistle:


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I could go around setting kitties on fire, and people would be like:

“Wtf is he doing! He set a homeless cat on fire!”
“Yeah sure, but he’s an Antinazi, he must have had his reasons, who are we to judge?”
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I know I’m the one who brought it up, but I actually think Antina belongs in the other thread. :2cents:


Cats are evil. I’m anti-evil.

Mice, on the other hand, are adorable little vermin.


Jesus is going to have a meltdown.

The people have spoken.




If I’m not mistaken, the pro independence has had again around a 50% of the electors’ support. Which is a lot, but justifies nothing. Also the most voted party is C’s, which is the most anti independence party ever.

However, because of how we break down and weight the different areas, in number of chamber representers they’ve gotten 70 vs 65, so yes, they have a majority.

Also, we are waiting for Puigdemont to come back to Spain and go to trial and jail :slight_smile:


Based on the brief description of each party in its own article, it seems that the 1st, 4th and 7th ranking parties are all anti-independence and the 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th ranking parties pro-independence. (This is for both the popular vote and the number of seats.)

If this is correct, the total pro-independence vote rounds up to 55%, and the total anti-independence vote rounds down to 43%.


The number of legislative seats is not distrubuted proportionally to the number of votes. Sounds crazy but there’s an explanation for that.


according to the daily telegraph the unionist side had 43.5 percent of the popular vote.


Did someone say…POPULAR VOTE?


Yes Ibby, Donald is also the true King of Spain. :slight_smile: :crown: :rainbow:


Yea the daily telegraph said “popular vote”. London based newspapers tend to use English words.


It’s spreading!!


Like a fungus…