Meanwhile in Catalonia...


More like…FREEDOM


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It’s funny how they think San Diego and San Jose would wanna be a part of this New California XD


Rollo must be so proud of them! :slight_smile:



Sorry, anyone who disapproves the democratic foundation of Freefornia is a fascist bigot.


If this group truly wants to cut off coastal urban areas, then how is San Diego or San Jose (or most of the South Bay for that matter) not “coastal” or “urban”?

It looks more like a gerrymandering wet dream, while forcing some of the most profitable, high tech areas, within its borders to keep the sweet sweet cash.


Stop oppressing all those San Diego and San Jose dreamers.


These “New Californians” truly are retards… if you want independence, either get it or shut up. The Catalonians left the situation to simmer for a couple months, and now they’ve lost as many investments as they would have if they had independence, without getting this independence. Just look at that, sales of real estate have plunged, tourism has sunk…


There’s a process to follow. According to the article they need to present their project to the state, get their approval and then they’re allowed to discuss it in congress.
Of course it won’t happen because the Californian ruling class would never give up votes, federal shekels and its heavy influence in the electoral college. They’re already too busy worrying about the 2020 census.


Eh, true enough, not to mention that they’ll drop the idea as soon as “Drumpf”, as they say, gets out of office. I don’t see any US state, or group of states, seceding in the short or medium term… even in the long term, this sounds highly unlikely. Too much obligations, too many losses, too much hassle. Because let’s face it, anything that will bother the average American while he’s planning to watch TV will not happen. No secession, no civil war, no uprising.


Yeah, this is never gonna happen. It’s more a sign of just how delusional people have become in the era of Trump derangement syndrome than anything else.


It looks more like a gerrymandering wet dream, while forcing some of the most profitable, high tech areas, within its borders to keep the sweet sweet cash.

They’ll need the sweet, sweet cash when they look around and ask where they will get their water supply from. It’s hard to tell from the proposed map if Hetch Hetchy is inside New CA or Old CA but everywhere south of Santa Barbara gets their water piped in from the eastern Sierra Nevada range.

Santa Barbara tried desalinization but only for a few months before being mothballed in the 90’s. They brought the plant back to operational status last year but it cost them $70 million to do so and it only provides 30% of their water supply.

Or they can just buy raw water for $14.80 a gallon NY Times: Raw Water


Behind every technical problem lurks a hidden people problem. This is what the technocrats refuse to understand.

Kick the left coast out, and they’ll be forced to confront the truth about themselves or else become another Mexico or Venezuela. They’ve got plenty of clever people, but an appalling lack of wisdom.

And the rest of the US can manage without them. They’ve got plenty of clever people, but they’ve got nowhere near ALL the clever people.

All Catalonia seems to lack is follow-through. This may change in a decade or two, if American history is any guide.


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Thank you Mrs President @iingwen for using Catalan language in your statement. We stand by #Taiwan in your struggle for freedom & #selfdetermination


— Carles Puigdemont (@KRLS) January 5, 2019


Morons at the presidential office? Most Western countries and the Council of Europe have condemned the Catalan independence referendum, and then there is the pending case of 200 some Taiwanese phone scammers in Spanish courts, who Spain wants to send to China and Taiwan is trying to get them sent to Taiwan.


It’s not a courageous stand if all the self-appointed experts disagree with you.

I’m not a big fan but she’s showing some class here.


I forgot about this one. I think I heard about this one or two years ago. These guys were allegedly sent there with the promise of some real work and then they found themselves doing this scam thing. Or that’s what they claimed. They worked for Chinese, I think, so that makes things a bit more complicated.


Will paella-people ever recover?

“Taiwanesos” sounds cute, though. Is that Spanish, Catalan or is it the same in both?