Measles (Rubeola) outbreak in Taiwan?

Seems two flight hosts on Tiger Taiwan Airlines had Measles, and was passed on to passengers (10+). A alarming bit of news, hope it gets under control.

and which people haven’t had their measles shots yet in today’s modern world, even in Asia? Always wonder who these carriers are. They never had their shots when young? Or how do they initially get it?

All children in Taiwan get two separate doses before they are 6 years old.

Um … maybe me? Do those need a booster? Every so often these stories pop up and I’m reminded I haven’t had any vaccinations in a long long while. I don’t know how big a problem that is.

Here’s the U.S CDC and what it says about measles:

A: CDC considers you protected from measles if you have written documentation (records) showing at least one of the following:

You received two doses of measles-containing vaccine, and you are a(n)—
-school-aged child (grades K-12)
-adult who will be in a setting that poses a high risk for measles transmission, including students at post-high school education institutions, healthcare personnel, and international travellers.

You received one dose of measles-containing vaccine, and you are a(n)—
-preschool-aged child
-adult who will not be in a high-risk setting for measles transmission.
-A laboratory confirmed that you had measles at some point in your life.
-A laboratory confirmed that you are immune to measles.
-You were born before 1957.

So, looks like if you have had 2 doses, you should be okay.
Having just gotten one dose comes with those particular situations above.


Me. Third world country. Did not get it as a child either, which was expected. I took the vaccine here like 10 years ago. Reminds me to get a booster.

Weird as for flight attendant work, usually they asked a bunch of vaccinations. But with the anti vax movement, less and less people vaccinated. Hence, the return of these monsters. Japan I think is one of those places where vaccinations have fell out of favor.

Yes, odd that airline staff are not have vaccinations. USA mostly require it for students, so I know some Taiwanese need get second one (not sure why some have one?) as the applications (for USA/AUS/NZ schools) I check sometimes have this missing.

Eh, guys, if you are teachers working in Taoyuan area, better check if your vaccines are on point:

One more to watch for : rubella

The people who worked while sick are being punished. Yeah, like that would prevent it from happening again. 3 to 15k fines.

13 cases so far… from this cluster. 20 plus in total.

The CDC reported Taiwan’s first imported case of measles infection this year on March 29, and the male patient was identified as a flight attendant for Tigerair Taiwan.

The man worked on Tigerair Taiwan flights before symptoms of the disease became obvious but after it had already become contagious, and the cluster infection he triggered has left 13 people ill to date, six of whom are Tigerair Taiwan employees, according to CDC data.

The CDC said it has identified 3,536 people who came in contact with the flight crew and will continue to monitor their health until May 6, when the disease’s incubation period has passed.

A total of 20 confirmed measles cases had been reported in Taiwan as of Friday, including six imported cases, the data showed.

The cluster has made international news.

And spread to Okinawa, in case anyone was visiting.

Bottom line is get your MMR if you haven’t yet.

OK, I don’t get it.
When I was a kid, EVERY kid had measles, it was the most common of the “usual” childhood diseases, like chicken pox and the mumps. You had them, you missed a week of school, and then you were immune for life.
So why are they being treated like anthrax here???

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Good heavens man, people lose several working days because of that! Have a heart!

In all seriousness, there is a reason they vaccinate kids these days. First of all, risk of complications and show’s over. Second, heard of shingles? Third, yes, in our times and all, but kids with immunological deficies wouldn’t make it to school those days.

In Taiwan in particular it is because any infection, even cooties, affects hundreds of people because we are packed like sardines where we live, where we work, where we play. Everything we touch, everyone we speak to, has the potential of passing something to us and half a block. In a day.

Raise your hands if you were vaccinated against smallpox.


Seems we gotta line up for vaccines:

Measles can have very serious complications, and while rare they’re not a needle in haystack. Back in my days, my doctor told my parents to make sure I got the measles vaccine as soon as possible. Complications from chicken pox and other common childhood diseases are much more rare than measles’ and usually not as serious.

I got vaccines for measles, tb, tetanus and hepatitis. I had my dose of childhood diseases, missed a week of school and that was it. My older brother had the same vaccines as mine, but he never got chicken pox, so when I got it and he was in his early 20s…ah, fun times!

Those pricks aren’t jabbing me. I’ll take my chances, thank you.

Eh, well, hope that your ancestors won’t mind if the bloodline ends with you, sir.It is a tough way for a vacetomy, though.

As they’re dead, I’m pretty sure they couldn’t give two flying fcuks.

When you meet them in the afterlife, they will be waiting for you at the tree before you cross to the end of the bridge…buahahaha!

In that case, I’ll just give them my measles. :sunglasses:

Hey better than herpes man

Guys, seriously, at least from what I remember in the ol country, if you get measles as a male adult, there is a chance your swimmers won’t swim no mo.