Medical abortion

i just found out that i’m pregnant over the weekend…i’m 22 and i’m very scared…:frowning: i have done some research and am considering a medical abortion…i am planning on going to the hospital this tuesday…but i am very worried because i am just starting a new job this monday…i have heard that medical abortions can make you very sick for a few days…can anyone here give me some insight into this…or thier experiences? can anyone also recommend a good hospital and a good doctor to see? thank you so much for your help.

please contact the Community Services Counselling Center in Taipei. The web address is - they can certainly help you to figure out what is best for you and how to do it.

PM me if you need to talk - no one should have to feel alone and scared in this situation. No judgements or opinions, just an ear…

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Also, if you (or any other woman out there, for that matter) are interested in joining the Women’s Forum, drop me a PM.

Thoughts and prayers, LIT, thoughts and prayers… :neutral:

Hey make sure you get some good talks going with people you trust. - even if it means phoning home to do it.
I am with Maoman on this one- thoughts and prayers with you. You are right- it is scary, and you need to have someone to talk you through your decision. I have had few friends in similar situations that have decided to go one way or the other, and they all say, not matter what you do it is always with you, so talk it all through first if you can

Hi, so sorry to hear about your current situation. I’m not familiar with how things are done there in Taiwan, but if it is not offered as part of the service, please be certain to seek out a counsellor. I’ve never worked with abortion cases, but know that it is standard procedure in the U.S. for a woman to have counselling before and after the procedure. If there are no services available, please feel free to contact me via email ( I’m a licensed counsellor and will help in any way, including referring you to someone more qualified in dealing with your sensitive case. Best of luck to you!

Here’s some general information on medical abortions…

How does medical abortion work?
There are three steps. The first step, your clinician will give you an injection of methotrexate or a dose of mifepristone in tablet form. The second step, you will take another medication called misoprostol in tablet form. The third step, you will return to your clinician for a follow-up visit.

Step One

Methotrexate - stops the pregnancy in the uterus. It can also stop those that develop in the fallopian tube - ectopic pregnancies.
Mifepristone - blocks the hormone progesterone. Without progesterone, the lining of the uterus breaks down, ending the pregnancy.
Methotrexate and mifepristone affect the body differently. A clinician can help you decide which is best for you.

Step Two

Misoprostol - causes the uterus to contract and empty.

Step Three

Follow-up. Your clinician needs to make sure the abortion is complete. You will need an ultrasound or blood test.
How long does it take?
With methotrexate - About 50 percent of women have the abortion the same day they take misoprostol. It happens within a week for another 35-40 percent. The whole process can take up to 14 days.

With mifepristone - About 10 percent of women will have the abortion before they take misoprostol. Most others will have it within four hours of taking misoprostol. For others, bleeding begins in 24 hours. The whole process can take about a week.

It’s important to remember that choosing medical abortion means that you will need to visit your clinician’s office more than one time.

How effective is it?
Medical abortion with methotrexate is about 90 percent effective. With mifepristone, it is from 92-95 percent effective. Methotrexate and misoprostol can cause serious birth defects. If the medical abortion does not work, a surgical abortion must be done.

How does it feel?
For most women, medical abortion is like an early miscarriage. You might

feel strong cramps
feel nauseous or vomit
have diarrhea
feel temporary abdominal pain

Who can choose medical abortion?
You may choose medical abortion if you are up to 63 days pregnant. But you must agree to have a surgical abortion if the medical treatment fails. You also need access to a telephone, transportation, and backup medical care.

Medical abortion is not recommended if you

are more than 63 days pregnant
take anti-clotting medication or have blood-clotting disorders
have severe heart, liver, or kidney problems
have seizures more than once a week
take any medicine that should not be combined with methotrexate, mifepristone, or misoprostol
cannot return for follow-up visits
are unwilling or unable to have a surgical abortion if the medical abortion is incomplete
have an allergy to the medications

Go to the famous clinic at #193 Zhangchuan Rd. near Jianguo N Rd. The doctor is Doctor Li and you can reach the clinic at (02)2501-2312. They should be able to take care of you, but I’m not sure if they speak English.


Dear lostintaipei,

There is no need to go through this alone. If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to ask me (in a personal e-mail) or any of the other very kind forumosans out there.



My mom’s taking that for lupus. I had no idea it was for medical abortions.

Anyhow, I believe mifepristone is the official, if not the only, abortion drug used in Taiwan.

Yes, you will need sometime off, a few days at least. Take care of your health first and your employment later on. Perhaps you can arrange the timing so that you can have some time off or weekends to receover.

Apart from that you’ll need to have some close friends by. Perhaps some counselling before and after would be useful. There are English speaking medical personell in Taiwan so I’d look around to see who can help.