Medical situation while traveling in Australia

One of my pals is traveling in a group Down Under. Since Friday, she’s had very high fever. They are taking her to a hospital soon but she does not know what to expect. She has Taiwan APRC. Young, healthy woman. No other symptoms.

Is medical care for a traveler very costly? What can she expect in terms of treatment? Compared to Taiwan, what would be the biggest differences?

If she doesn’t have insurance, it will be quite expensive.
For something like a fever, she will be better off (financially) going to a pharmacist first.
They are all highly qualified and offer good advice, and usually a remedy.


And if she doesn’t have travel insurance, if possible, get it asap.

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3 day fever is not good. When I was in Sidney the public Hospital was 130 AUD in emergency. I have to go two time but I have travel insurence so no problems and is was simple. If she need to stay in the Hospital will be expensive.


I broke a tooth while in Au without medical insurance and had to pay around 800$ back when 1aud was above 30nt.

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She already tried over the counter medication. Strangely, it has gotten worse, no effect.

She says she has never had such strong fever for so long time.

Nothing else hurts, just her ears.

I fear if there is any infectious disease going around, especially since they have been traveling.

The only travel advisory I see for Australia is measles. The group has been to Melbourne and Sydney.

It is that or some Friggin spider in her ear…

Some countries have reciprocal healthcare agreements with Oz. (Canada’s not on the list, so I never really looked into it.)

Reciprocal health care countries:

Otherwise I think it would only be really costly if you had to get some sort of emergency op, but if that is the case maybe money is a secondary consideration.

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I am glad to report it was just a nasty ear infection. My pal received nice antibiotics and should be feeling well soon.

The price was not mentioned so I think it was not a big deal, otherwise, it would Have been the main topic!


In other news now my friend can’t breathe…But so does all of Sydney. Raging fires, smoke, devastation. Not a good vacation.

In Taichung, that’s just a Tuesday.


Looking at the numbers, that’s actually Beijing on a really bad day level. Taichung does not reach its knee level.

Pal says she’s scared as there are firefighter sirens all around.

It was really bad today! I am in Sydney and worse day so far ! Due to all the bushfires…
AQI earlier today near CBD.
I ordered some P2 masks for future!

Oh my, hope you get your boyfriend back in one piece!

Wow that’s really bad. Take care of yourself over there.

Tell your pal to jump on a plane and fly one hour south to Melbourne.
Cleaner air.
Better Coffee
Better restaurants
Better roads = less congestion
Nicer people

The list is endless.

…now that should start something


Eh her group just came from Melbourne…

Indeed, do take care. Looks awful.

If she can it would be great to visit the West coast, Margaret River area.

Yeah, just tell her to pop over, since she’s already in Australia anyway.

Maybe call a taxi, right? Or get on a bus.