Mexican Food in Taipei

As I wrote, it’s street food. Don’t expect it to be a restaurant with silverware and a sommelier hovering above you to provide recommendations on wine pairings. :rofl:


Yeah, I think people should know that it’s barely a restaurant before trekking down there

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I don’t think it’s that complicated. Just wash your hands or use the restroom at the MRT station before showing up. Lots of joints in Taiwan are like this. And here you get quality tortillas crafted with Taiwan corn, turned into flour by the proprietor himself, and solid takes on pastor and carnitas (both pork for the uninitiated) and tasty pollo too. That’s what this joint is about.


Yeah and maybe bring your own drinks and definitely don’t take a date or a nagging SO.

If you do, you’ll find out quickly how enthusiastic they are about northern Mexican street food. :rofl:

Enjoy your evening OO!


No wonder I couldn’t find it when I went awhile back. I wasn’t sure what type of establishment but didn’t find it. Or maybe they were closed.

King Taco

Great tacos.

Finally found the place. A bit hard to find. The sign only points in one direction and it’s very small. Look for the 24-hour laundromat next door.

The King Taco

This is view coming from West and from MRT.


Howbeans Burritos

I’m a little surprised that this place has not been mentioned here. A centrally located (Minchuan and Jilin intersection), no-frills burrito shop that also serves Mexican rice bowls. I’ve only had their beef burrito, which was quite good. I’ll be back to try a rice bowl next time.

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No, to make things clear, when I direct quote and comment on a quote, I actually know what that means and that was precisely the restaurant I was referring to.

This place didn’t make it - closed a few weeks back.

So Teotihuacan is gone?


not worth my response


Well then enjoy your time in unclear pronoun land.



Nope, still there.



I hate it there. I took my taiwanese girlfriend there for her first taste of Mexican food (I’m Mexican American) and the beans were horrendous. The only thing she liked was the horchata. I also was quite unimpressed. Maybe we chose the wrong things, but one way to gauge a Mexican restaurant is by the quality of their refried beans. Hopefully once the borders open and I can come back to Taipei for my teaching job (assuming that ever actually happens) I’m looking forward to giving masa a shot

If you like northern Mexican street food, try The King Taco in Xindian.

But yeah with a girlfriend maybe start with Masa . . .


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I grew up on more central Mexican food ( my family is from the Leon/Guanajuato area) but i lived in Arizona for a while and have come to enjoy northern Mexican cooking.

I’ll definitely check it out when I finally get back to Taiwan

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Hope you can make it back!


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Is the nauseated face a reaction to the beef burrito, the rice bowl, or everything about the place?