Michael Jackson, Paedophile?

Michael Jackson puts voodoo curse on enemies? This story will be in all the Chinese language newspapers today. WATCH! Perfect match: voodoo comes to Taiwan! from Matt Drudge in the USA:




Michael Jackson’s voodoo curse on the lives of David Geffen and Steven Spielberg is just one of the shocking claims in a new 10,000-word report from VANITY FAIR special correspondent Maureen Orth, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.


She also reports that Jackson wears a prosthesis that serves as the tip of his nose (without it, says one person, he resembles a mummy with two nostril holes).

Orth, wife of NBC’s Washington Bureau Chief Tim Russert, is set to unleash on NBC’s TODAY SHOW Tuesday morning.

She will claim – in a report which streets March 12 – that Michael Jackson paid $150,000 to an African voodoo chief who promised him that David Geffen and Steven Spielberg and the 23 other people on Jackson’s enemies list, some of whom had worked with him for years, would soon die.

The voodoo man, who had 42 cows ritually sacrificed for the ceremony, later assured one close observer of the scene that Geffen, who headed the list, would die within the week.

According to Orth, Jackson had already undergone a ritual cleansing blood bath with sheep’s blood, for which he paid six figures to another voodoo doctor.

Check out his transformation from attractive youth to SUPER FREAK


Be warned however, the photos contained in this site are shocking!!! :slight_smile:

Looks like MJ is in trouble again. The police have raided his playground and are taking away the children. Seems an arrest warrant has been issued also.


I pity the guy. But if (found) guilty then he should pay for his crimes.

Why should anyone pretend to be surprised???

Michael Jackson, Paedophile?
Niel Armstrong, Astronaut?

Though I feel very sorry for the guy with his grotesquely messed-up face and mental illnesses, it does look suspiciously like he’s been taking advantage of his celebrity and wealth to get away with things that would have landed any ordinary Joe in jail a long time ago. If there is clear enough evidence of his having committed sexual offences against small children, then certainly he should be prosecuted to the hilt as the law prescribes. If he’s found guilty, unless the offences are extremely severe, it would probably be too cruel to send him to prison, but better have him incarcerated in an institution where he can undergo a lengthy period of rehabilitative psychotherapy.

What a waste of his fame and money! He could be enjoying a wonderful life, looking the way that nature intended and surrounded by bevies of beautiful women submitting to his every whim.


What a waste of his fame and money! He could be enjoying a wonderful life, looking the way that nature intended and surrounded by bevies of beautiful women submitting to his every whim.[/quote]

I don’t think he’s into women.

Interesting that yesterday, the right-wing talking head Aaron Brown of CNN was looking at the pre-print front pages of US newspapers and said of a pic of Jackson in the skybox: ‘Not front-page news in my opinion.’
The next day, today, he was falling all over the importance of the story, which led the broadcast.
I don’t think I’d hire Brown as a wire-taster. :unamused:

  1. I’ve no idea as to whether he is guilty of the acts for which he looks likely to be charged… but he is definitely guilty of enormously poor judgment.

  2. If it turns out that MJ is guilty, then I think the parents of the children victims should be charged by the State for something… neglect or abuse… I sure as shit wouldn’t leave my boy alone with MJ, especially in light of his previous problems with this very same issue.

Mr. Jackson was the subject of a BBC documentary . . . Mr. Jackson said he had shared his bed with many children but that there was nothing sexual about the encounters. “Why can’t you share your bed?” Mr. Jackson said in the interview. “The most loving thing to do is to share your bed with someone. It’s a beautiful thing.”

nytimes.com/2003/11/20/natio … anted=2&hp

I just got off the phone with my friend in the Santa Barbara police force and he said that they recovered from the Jackson residence compromising photographs of Kobe Bryant! :shock:

What, from when he was 12?

What do you reckon the odds are of MJ topping himself if it looks like he may actually have to do some time behind bars?
I’d say pretty darned high.

Perhaps the trial itself will be enough to put him outside of a bottle of sleeping pills. Unless of course he has enough money left to buy OJ’s dream team of defense lawyers.

Yes, Ghandi shared his bed every night with young nubile girls, aged 16 or so. And he was just 78. They never arrested HIM!

I can’t even get my head around MJ and Ghandi at the same time.

I thought Gandhi (note spelling) had taken a vow of celibacy.

Or did you mean the famous French Foreign Legion member, Atilla Ghandi?

No Mabodofu, Ghandi was known by historians, it’s in all his biographies, to choose a young lovely each night to rest her body next to his. No sex, he was too old for that, he just wanted her ying and yang, he explained to intimates, her sex powers to revitalize his aging body. Apparently, it worked wonders for him, but the Western world blushed when they heard this. It is true. Celibacy schmleibacy, he had this strange habit. Check the history books.

Ghandi valued his celibacy so much that he burst into tears when he had a nocturnal emission one night.

One reason I’ve heard for his practice was that he felt the need to test his powers of restraint from desire. Sounds pretty masochistic to me, but it’s one of those ‘denial of the flesh’ Buddhist things.

One reason I’ve heard for his practice was that he felt the need to test his powers of restraint from desire.

No, that was not it! He knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted the young girls’ nubility to restore his vitality in the morning. It is an old wive’s tale from India, from way back. He believed it. He did it. He was NOT testing his powers of restraint, no way. He was getting the chi or qi or yingyan hocus pocus he felt was good for him. He never so much as touched the girls. He just wanted their power sleeping next to him to revitalize him the next day. It worked.

I think we should look into this more. Omni?