Microsoft Windows XP Rocks! Anyone Else?

XP is god. Love it! Haven’t had any serious problems and have been adding/using all sorts of programs. I love XP!

Getting drunk on cheap wine is something we all do from time to time. :wink:

Getting drunk on cheap wine is something we all do from time to time. :wink:[/quote]

OK. I do like getting drunk. I prefer margaritas to cheap wine.

When I was running Windows 98 I often found myself saying, “If I was a computer…I would do this…Not…this…Stupid…Machine…”

Now, I say, “…this is the coolest thing ever. Wow…I never would have thought of that…I can do this too! GREAT!”

Maybe I am a basic user and I am not pushing my machine to it’s limit!

What I have:

Web Cam
6 in 1 Smart Card Reader for digital photos
XP Tweaking Programs
File Sharing Programs
Image Viewers/modifiers
Video Encoding programs
CD/VCD Ripping
Ad blockers
Virus Scan
Several Media players

The list goes on. Haven’t had any conflicts. Haven’t had any problems that I couldn’t solve within 24 hours of posting a question on the web.

I know this post isn’t related to viewing Chinese Characters. So, if someone out there wants to split this into a Windows XP thread you have my blessing.

You look like you are into multimedia.

Try the free iTunes software from Apple for Windows XP:

It has free MP3 burning and is probably the best music library managment software program out there.

Admittedly I also find XP much better than any version before, in particular it’s more stable.
But hey, since Windows 3.1 MS is telling us that every new version is improved and more stable … Win3.11, 95, 98, 2000, ME … and asks you to pay for it.
Wonder if anyone has ever tried to sue them and demanded that bugfixes should be free of charge …

thanks for the free itunes for windows jeremy
like it and keep it

skype rocks! Itunes rocks!

ax rocks!

What drugs are you on? :wink: :smiley:

have you heard of the “Holy Spirit”?


What ever you say about Win XP it still sucks as it is a MIcrosoft product. Microsoft wastes so much of my time.

OK Craig, what OS are you running then?

I like XP too. It’s really suited to my purposes. I’ve just got one gripe. Is there anyway to stop the ‘window anchors’ on the toolbar from ‘grouping’ when you open more than about 5?


right click on start button, choose properties and the left tab (think it’s “toolbar” but not sure as i have chinese windows) uncheck the 4th box from the top, something about groups i think

Thanks for that one Daltongang! Anyone else have a good XP tip?

Jeremy, are the dl’s free? Or just the software?

[quote=“Bu Lai En”]I like XP too. It’s really suited to my purposes. I’ve just got one gripe. Is there anyway to stop the ‘window anchors’ on the toolbar from ‘grouping’ when you open more than about 5?


  1. Right Click START button
  2. Open Properties
  3. Select TASKBAR tab
  4. UNCHECK ‘Group Similar Taskbar Buttons’

that’ll stop it. now just up your screen rez so all the buttons at the bottom don’t get super small when u open 10+ windows of the same program. or get rid of some of the useless clutterbar buttons like REAL PLAYER or Windows Media. they’re all shortcuts anyway, not actual executables.

Is anyone else using XPBoost or Cacheman?

Just the software. But even if you ignore the music store part, it’s a decent mp3 player and ripper.

For the music store, tracks are $0.99 each, and albums are usually $9.99. The bad news is that the music-store is US-only right now. However, if you have a US credit card and billing address you can still use it, you’ll just get a warning that iTunes Music Store is not available in your country each time you access it, but then you click next and everything works fine. If you don’t have a US credit card, you’re out of luck.

I’ve downloaded a few tracks and the sound quality is really good even at 128kpbs. Much better than mp3 at that bitrate. Selection is a bit spotty in some areas, but there’s enough to keep most people happy.

It just sucks less is all… You need to read the allegory of the cave to have a clue.

I prefer my Kazzalite. Get everything free. I use Nero for burning cds and TMPGenc for endoding movies. I use Streambox for ripping Real Audio off the net too!

So all of you pay for the software you have on your lovely proprietary operating system ?

Am I glad I read Plato … I’m not paying for software that is buggy (yes the XP boxes I have installed all crash more then my Linux, but hey maybe it’s my Holy Spirit that conflicts with the Evil Empire), so I use an oparting system that is free. Not always free in terms of money (but almost always) but free in spirit and philosophy. ( Ofcourse everybody is free to choose it’s operating system of choice (except when you buy a computer, work in a company, go to an internetshop, …)

The good part is that the next bugfix of Windows is only coming in 2006 :wink: