Mid-life crisis purchase required - ideas?

They both look awful. I’m sure they’d say the same about me.

I seem to attract a lot of conflict and trouble with cars (I don’t know why, I’m religiously law-abiding to avoid the trouble) so I’d rather not. I had an MX-5 and it was too small, too low, etc. 12 years ago so probaby going to be worse now. Good suggestion though.

A lot of places I’d like to go are simply out of reach at the moment, logistically. I’d love to visit Yangshuo, and 鳳凰縣 in China one day. I’ve done most of Europe to death and North America doesn’t interest me. Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, maybe.

What’s in Sanchung? I am serious and very curious.

This loser is no loser no moar! I 2nd this. Get in shape and I can guaranteed you’ll feel a bit youthful! Oh ya, also eat right, LOL!

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Self love, or you’re well on track for another crisis later on.

How about some Ekselence Ice Cream. The people here https://tw.forumosa.com/t/the-ekselent-thread-about-ekselence-ice-cream swear by it.


Did I miss this? Did the OP suggest he wanted to be youthful again? I read it as he was accepting his fate.

Bro, we are trying to lift him up not guide him back down to the point of no return!


Most forumosans think Sanchung is a dump. So it’s a joke.


A new carbon bike, that’s a classic (or maybe that’s what I’ll buy when I hit 40).

Well, don’t leave it too long. After all, you’ll be dead soon. :melting_face:

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I go there on a weekly basis, i wouldnt say its more dumpy than other parts of town, but the driving there is much worse.

I like the night market there.

what does this actually mean tho? How does one self-love?

but steel is real? :thinking:

Very underrated for good restaurants with really good prices.

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That you have to ask, indicates you don’t know :frowning:

You start with self-care and it transitions to self-love. Self care is things like taking a sweater with you when its cold, cooking for yourself and eating decent quality food (with all that money you have!), not staying up late (because your body heals overnight), getting those pains checked out at the doctor and adjusting your lifestyle, dropping anything that is abusive from your life, that kind of thing, basically how you would look after a 2 or 3 year old… When all of that becomes a standard you don’t drop it moves into self love and you never look back.

Otherwise you’re just going to reward yourself with all of the stuff the others have suggested here that will just give you a temporary relief from the pressure and stresses of life that have worn you down.

You deserve much better… an amazing second-half of your life!

I wish you well… getting old should be a graceful process and for men, they should come into their power and be model of wisdom and depth for the next generation.


great answer, thank you for this.


Best gift I ever gave myself was being debt free. It’s been about five years now and my life has changed considerably. Maybe instead of a large purchase, freedom is the answer to what’s nagging at you.


Cocaine and lots of it.

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I need something a little stronger than coffee, and a little weaker than cocaine.