Mid-Range Taipei Hotels


I am looking for hotels in Taipei area that are not outrageously expensive. [color=blue]Hotels such as Hyatt, Grand Hotel, Rebar, Lai Lai, Fortuna, Howard Plaza, Brother, etc[/color] are out of the picture unless someone knows how I can get a pretty good discount on these for the end of February. That would be great!!!

I am looking for decent hotels in the Taipei area in the price range of US$30 ~ US$60 a night for the end of Feb. As I personally have never stayed in a hotel in Taipei I have no idea what is out there. And if there is anyway to get discounts that would also be wonderful! These hotels should be clean and without knocks on the door at 2am. :wink: :wink: I am also hoping it will be convenient to an MRT station and a convenience store and maybe a night market but not required.


There’s a hotel a little bit toward Guting from the Taipower MRT stop-southside. It looks OK. Have seen western business types checking in.

Howard International House. This is part of the Howard group. The government built a training complex in the centre of Taipei and Howard built the accommodation facilities. Rooms are a tad small and service basic but excellent facilities (gym, indoor pool, etc). I have recommended it to many business visitors coming out from the UK and have had excellent reports. It is very good value at around NT$1,800 a night. They have airport pick-up.

Howard International House
No. 30, Hsin-sheng South Rd., Sec. 3
Taipei 106
Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: 886-(0)2-8369-1155
Fax: 886-(0)2-8369-1177

Jeff, here’s a link to one of the local online hotel agents hotel.ezfly.com. You may need to refresh the page.
Good Luck!

The small, “love hotels” are in fact utilized by business types on a budget. I hear that the one next to the Sunrise Department store on Fuxing near Bade road has been completely renovated to be very nice. Rates should be in your range.
If you really need budget accomodation, try the hostels.

Well this would be for my brother who is making a trip over soon, and again love hotels reallyaren’t what he would be looking for and neither are hostels. But thanks Wolf! There must be some decent inexpensive non hostel or love hotel accomodations in the Taipei area. Or am I kidding myself?

Maybe I should try something different here. How about under US$100 a night? Around NT$3000. Would this open some doors?

You might check out the Fortuna hotel, at http://www.taipei-fortuna.com.tw/index-e.htm

They’re on Zhongshan North Road, not far (South) from the combat zone. I once previewed the rooms for some business travelers, and they were samll and simple but quite nice (the rooms, not the travelers, though the travelers were quite nice as well). They have a good restaurant that serves decent dim sum at not too high a price. The room rates get a substantial discount if you book on line directly through them (eg, orig. price NTD3400 reduced to NTD 2850 including service charge and tax).

The Howard International House mentioned by Mark also looks like a good deal.

Or you can get a 25% discount off of 4500/night at the Howard Garden Suites if you stay for a week. 3w.howard-hotels.com/hotel_ct/ct_room.asp

Or the Howard Green Garden is even cheaper if you stay for 2 weeks!

Sorry, I’ll stop now.

I don’t remember anything about breakfast as I generally don’t eat hotel breakfasts. I think we went to Starbucks for a coffee and imediately went on our way. The staff spoke enough English to complete any transactions. It’s just a very small front desk and doesn’t seem like much, but the hotel is quite fine.

Hold on there. Just because you don’t know anything about small hotels, or “love hotels,” doesn’t mean you should tar all of them with the same brush.
My advice is to go to one and ask to see one of the rooms. You will find that it is perfectly acceptable. I used to work in the oil business in the US and spend at least three years living in hotels and I can say that the “love hotels,” except for the obviously seedy ones, are no different from the majority of budget hotels there – such as Motel 6, for example.
Just go to a few and look at the rooms and then tell me that this is not an acceptable idea.
Or, pay the money to stay in the lap of luxury; he is your brother after all.

Or, alternately, I have a spare room in my well-appointed flat that I will rent out for a nominal fee to your brother… :smiley:

Well Wolf he’ll be paying for it , but it’s easier if I look for a place. :wink:

Thanks for the clarification on the love hotels. I understand what you mean now. Different place, different name. I may just go and ask them to see the rooms like you said. Thanks! :smiley:

Thanks for the offer, Wolf, but I think it will be easier for him to stay at a hotel, don’t want to inconvenience you, he’ll be in and out anyway…


For God’s sakes man, he’s your brother, not some wealthy uncle about to kick the bucket. Stick him in Happy Family 1, where the rest of us have spent a night or two.

What the hell is Happy Family 1? :laughing:

Happy Family 1 (and 2) is a hostel.

I agree with Wolf that you could consider love hotels if your brother’s on a budget. When my family came over they were really trying to keep costs down and even my grandma didn’t seem to have a problem in the love hotel. The cheapest rooms are about 800 and usually about 1200 for a decent double. You can get about 75-85% for a week or two.

Someone else mentioned a ‘refurbished’ love hotel. tehre seem to be a few of these. They’re basically ex-love hotels who have changed the color scheme and doubled the price. Expect the same facilites, but newer and less seedy looking for about 2000 a night. An example is Friends by Kuting station and 2nd Floor and the one someone mentioned halfway between Kuting and Taipower stations (I was looking at hotels in this area when my family came over because that’s where i live). Facilities in both these places are decent bathrooms, TV, fridge, phone, adjustable central AC, often a desk, hot and cold water with tea and coffee., iron, hair dryer etc but no pool or gym. I think Friends had ADSL connection and airport pickup service.


Try Friends Hotel on Shuangcheng St. in the Combat Zone. $1800NT a night. The rooms are modern and clean. You can negotiate a discount for a few days stay.

Thanks for the info on Happy Family. I won’t stick my bro in a hostel, he is not interested in staying there either. I will check Friends Hotel. I have done some checking around and it seems the ones mentioned in the beginning of the thread are quite nice and not too expensive!

Thanks for all your help!

My brother ended up staying at the K-Hotel. It’s a hotel catering to businessmen and he said the breakfast buffet was excellent. Rooms are clean, average size, and prices around NTD$2400 and above.

#1 Zhongshan N. Rd 2542-2222 - very close to the MRT
#2 Linsen N. Rd. 2531-9999

You could try the YMCA


It is just to the south of Taipei Main Station so very convenient.

There many other small hotels in this area, it is just a case of checking them out. Some are listed in the ‘Lonely Planet’ guide

I think the Y is booked far in advance. Give them a call.
As far as love hotels, just drive around and pop into some of them and have a look around. Some are actually really nice (Jacuzzi in the bath!).

If it is just a brother by himself then why not let him just sleep on the couch or on the floor an air mattress or foldable futon? That is all my siblings get when they visit me! :slight_smile:

There is a new smallish hotel that has opened on Fu Xing N Road… it is north of Nan Jing… somewhere near that Thai place with the silly name… FeiChung Thai?? Anyway, does anyone know the name of that hotel… it looks Ok…