Middle East Conflict Widening 2024 (Yemen, Lebanon, Iran, etc.)

USA bombs Yemen


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The United States Embassy in Iraq was bombed on Thursday night, according to preliminary reports that The Jerusalem Post could not independently confirm.

The event came within a half hour of reports that the United States and Britain had begun striking Houthi targets in Yemen, and if it was indeed an attack, it was presumably an act of retaliation.

The US and Britain struck dozens of targets across Yemen, according to some reports, ranging from training bases to drone facilities.

Let the great game of whack-a-mole begin.

Looked up Yemen, its very poor nation. So sad they get bombs, but well also sad the nations next to Yemen do not help them with money, other Arabic nations are very rich like 10 to 20 times richer per person. If the wealth in region was more equal, this I guess would not happen, they need EU like union to help poorer people.

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Have you read about the years long recent conflict with Saudi Arabia and the UAE? It is very interesting, because Iran used Yemen (or more specifically the Houthi) to fight a proxy Shia-Sunni conflict (which was kind of a civil war). And now, Iran is using Yemen to fight a proxy war against Israel and the West. Saudi Arabia and the UAE, who were until recently bombing Yemen, are now very much stuck in the middle (literally, on a map) and probably want to give the US quite the “I told you so!”

Look up tribalism. The Saudis for example don’t often respect other Sunni Saudis from different tribes, the Shia Saudis are somewhat marginalized and definitely othered. Some overlap with border tribes, though

Oh yeah, and in addition to having no oil from Allah, they use most of their water to grow drugs


While technically true, a bit misleading. They just targeted some Houthi rebel munition and production sites. This is like saying Israel bombs Lebanon every time they take out some Hezbollah outpost across the border.

And the US and allies should’ve taken this action a month ago imo.


Hezbollah has wisely chosen to sit out the conflict thus far. Iran’s other friends are going to get wiped out.

Uh, no?


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Syria has mostly sat out thus far, though

Oh, well at least they haven’t invaded Israel yet.

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Seems like betel nuts, palm tree nut. Maybe try by coffee from there

Israel and Hezbollah Are Headed Toward a New War | Opinion (newsweek.com)

War to save the Israeli economy coming up?

The first reason is economic. Hamas’ Oct. 7 terror campaign led to the mass displacement of some 200,000 citizens from southern Israel. Less publicized, but likewise significant, has been a parallel exodus of more than 60,000 residents of Israel’s north, who—fearful of the possibility of a similar onslaught by Hezbollah—have fled cities and communities in the Golan and Galilee. As a result, life in the northern third of the country has ground to a halt, and the societal, economic, and strategic costs of this paralysis are steadily mounting.

As a result, to enable its northern residents to return home and restore some semblance of normalcy, Israel needs to establish (and then enforce) a new buffer zone in Lebanon’s south. Doing so, however, requires pushing Hezbollah away from the border—something that simply isn’t feasible without a serious, sustained force of arms.

So, limited ass kicking coming up to build a buffer zone.

And this

Israel Uncovers Complex Hamas Terror Operation in Europe - The Foreign Desk | by Lisa Daftari (foreigndesknews.com)

Uh oh, Iraq and France are madz at Iran. Who do they think they are bombing and blowing up shit in other people’s countries? Israel? :laughing:

And this

It’s a bit dated but NK stuff is being used in the Middle East by the 3-H Squad.

Yemen has done a great job. The only Arab nation so far that has the balls to do something of consequence to oppose Israel’s lunatic genocidal savaging of Gaza. Hats off to Ansar Allah for their courageous actions. :tophat:

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Huh, Iran taking advantage of the chaos to bomb Pakistan

Now if only they could stop targeting Russian ships! :ship: :joy:

Said no one ever.

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Oh you saucy, Pakistan!

The U.S. and U.K. militaries, with support from Australia, Bahrain, Canada and the Netherlands, hit eight Houthi targets in Yemen in response to the Houthis’ continued attacks, according to a joint statement from the countries involved. The precision strikes were “intended to disrupt and degrade the capabilities that the Houthis use to threaten global trade and the lives of innocent mariners,” the statement said.

American, British forces carry out large-scale strikes on Houthis in Yemen - POLITICO

Pre-emptive strikes? They’ve been attacking ships for weeks. How can this be called pre-emptive?