Milk or milk

Anyone know where I can find skim milk (also known as non-fat milk)?

All I can find is low-fat milk and whole milk.

In Welcome, the no-fat milk comes with a blue label.

I mix it with my slim fast. :slight_smile:

[quote=“jdsmith”]In Welcome, the no-fat milk comes with a blue label.

I mix it with my slim fast. :slight_smile:[/quote]
Wow, thanks for the quick answer.

I must have been looking in the wrong Wellcome store, because I didn’t see any when I visited Wellcome. I’ll try another one.

no problem…sorry i don’t know the brand name…in the white bottles…green label, black…take blue:)

No-fat milk is called “tuo1 zh3 niu2 nai3” (脫脂牛奶).
If you’d like the milk powder, then it’s called “tuo1 zh3 nai3 fen3” (脫脂奶粉).
You can find this kind of milk in 7-11 and Welcome.
The brand names are “tang3 yi1” (統一)、“rui4 sui4” 瑞穗、 "lin2 feng4 ying2""林鳳營、"wei4 quan2"味全, etc.
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Good reason to be a vegetarian - without meat in your diet, you can enjoy full-fat milk instead of that watery low/non-fat stuff.

Isn’t it skimmed milk?

If you’re on the Atkin’s diet, you can have your meat and the full-fat milk! But then the cookies are out.

“Skim” milk is fine:

[quote=“Juba”]Good reason to be a vegetarian - without meat in your diet, you can enjoy full-fat milk instead of that watery low/non-fat stuff.
“Enjoy” is not the word I’d personally use for whole milk. Too heavy and creamy for me. I guess I’ve been drinking skim milk for so long even low-fat milk is too rich for me.

I’ve seen it written that way in the UK. In the US it’s generally written “skim milk”.

The term skim milk is American English.
The term skimmed milk is British English.
So I guess that both are correct.

Where can I get FULL-CREAM (not just plain) evaporated milk? I have looked at Jasons, Cosco, Wellman’s, Wellcome (a lot), Tesco, RT Mart. I need to find some soon. So help please.


I would like your opinion on following:

Milk in Taiwan is …?

If you could buy Australian milk (UHT) in 1000 ml brickpack that keeps for 9 months without refrigaration, would you?

Do you think it’s better or equal or worse than Taiwanese milk.

This kind of milk is mainstream in most European countries, so I have no problem with it. It’s about 25% cheaper than Taiwanese milk if bought in larger volume.

If used for cooking, would you prefer this above Taiwanese expensive milk?

If you had the choice between fresh cream (whipping, cooking) from Taiwan (cheaper than imported) or UHT brickpack cream, what would you buy?

Milk here is shite. I didn’t think it was actually possible to screw milk up, but apparently the Taiwanese are ahead of the game again.

My school went on a fieldtrip to a dairy. It was the worst most unsanitary place I have ever seen. I have worked in dairies in America and England so I know what level of filth is acceptable. I will never drink Taiwan milk again. I ha some pictures I might post if anyone is interested.

I buy powdered milk or uht milk. The powdered milk is fine for yogurt or soft cheese. I haven

I prefer fresh milk to UHT stuff, and have been really happy with milk here.

But that dairy story makes me scared. Can we see some pics?

Yes the milk here is utter rubbish. Except one. And I can’t remember the name of it. Will post when I do.

Most milk here contains very little milk. Only Guangquan and the one I drink are actually made from 100% milk. The others have various thickeners in them and are in fact a mixture of various powder which have been hydrated.

And where does that hideous smell come from? Do they add that?

Milk is horrible, horrible stuff no matter what the nationality of the cow it comes out of. I’m glad I stopped drinking the stuff when I was 4.


UHT milk is utterly disgusting and is a direct and unallowable insult to the world of milk. I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would choose to drink something that tastes like warm water (even when it is cold).

There is some fantastic milk here which I order from a company which specialises in, erm, milk and stuff, and it actually tastes like real milk. Their yoghurt is pretty good too.
I’ll post the details - it arrives once every two weeks and I consider it a luxury in a country full of milk imitations.

The New Zealand milk, here in Taiwan, sure tastes like it has travelled. Now I know why Irish friends back home complained about our NZ Guiness. I was raised a dairy farm. Most milk from shops doesn’t taste the same to me as the milk I grew up on due to the processing factor.

I just returned from the Flying Cow Raunch near Tong Xiao in Miaoli. The milk they produce there is by far the best I have tasted in Taiwan. Once you have tasted it you will realise just how bad the milk you drink is here.

I spent a couple days there ODing on milk products - ice cream, yogurt, chocolate milk - it’s all great. Just like home.

They don’t sell in stores but they may deliver.