Minimium wage for Foreigners working in Broadcasting

Hello all
Just like to check, to apply for work permit for foreigners is still NTD 47, 971?

Just received my contract from a Taiwan employer and the amount is less than what is required by the authorities

Is this a white collar office job?

Yeap, white-collar office job

And this company is who applied for your work permit and they are who sponsored your ARC?

If that is the case, then AFAIK you should be entitled to the minimum wage of NT$47,971. How much less was your monthly check?

Maybe @yyy or @tando could help out here.

yeap, they are going to apply and sponsor my ARC
My last paycheck in TWD is roughly about 63K (was working in Singapore)
I was offered slightly above 1/2 of my last paycheck.

AMC, LiveABC or Studio Classroom?

It is a new platform for Sports.

But, you already have a work permit to work for them, right?

Be wary if they say stuff like they are reporting that salary to the authorities but giving you more money under the table. First of all, you won’t get an ARC. Second, when the taxman comes…you’ll be in deep…And they make you pay. Third, you will be left out of the limit to acquire a permanent ARC down the line.

Fourth, they are cheaters and will cheat you eventually.

Only foreigners allowed to be paid less that that 47k minimum are foreign graduates of local universities. They get 33k.


Basically correct. However…

Buxiban teachers are not subject to the 48k rule, just the Basic Wage and the 14h/week rule.

I don’t recall what applies to “artists”. Is the idea here that OP will be a television/web personality?

nope as well
if I apply on my own work permit, I can’t get it to pass muster at the consulate nor the work ministry.

hello @yyy
technically I’m going to run the platform as a Sports Manager
going to produce live events and produce shows.

That sounds like a random white collar job. I would ask the company why it’s less than 48k and then ask the labor department if there’s any merit to the claim.

so technically I can ask the employers to revise the contract?

You haven’t signed a thing right? Do not sign anything until it is satisfactory.

First of all, ask why the salary is not as per original verbal agreement.

Next, depending on their answers, take the required steps at the corresponding office of the MOL. This is not an illegal kindy job, it should be foolproof.

AFAIK, most people in media make a decent bundle of money, makes no sense a content producer would earn 30k.

Do not feel compelled to sign anything you do not agree with. Moreover, most contracts here are in fact illegal, in terms of having clauses that do not stick to the law. That does not mean they are useless or will not be enforced…to your detriment. Do not feel forced or compelled in any way to sign anything you do not agree with.

If you are constrained by time, say, you entered on landing visa or visa free and only have 3 months stay, better do a visa run or let it go than get into a lot of grief. Do not believe them when they say they have entered the paperwork so you can overstay. Under NO circunstances overstay. We cannot begin to tell you how much trouble that is.

Moreover, if you have overstayed and your employers try to use this to hold you here, bite the bullet and denounce them to the authorities.

Again, there is no need to work illegally. If is of no benefit to you to work illegally. There are plenty of options for legal work, do not let them tell you otherwise.


hello @Icon
I haven’t signed anything yet.
I’m still not in country yet, still in my home country of Singapore.

I would send them a nice quote from the law saying why they must pay you at least 47k. For starters. And ask innocently if your having a lower salary would be a problem to get an ARC. See what happens.


I did send back the reply with these two links

I told them that I won’t be able to apply for work permit and ARC with this kind of pay scale, they will outright reject me to the moon.

One moment: you DO NOT apply for the work permit. The work permit is never yours, and your ARC is dependent on it.

To comply with the requisites is NOT your responsilbility, but that of teh employer. The work permit belongs to them. It is in fact almost indentured slavery -which is the case of blue collar foreign workers in Taiwan. They own your butt, buddy, as the work permit belongs to them, they can cancel it anytime, and they do not need to tell you when or why.

In orcder to hire you, the company must comply with a series of requisites. Not every company is allowed to hiore foreigners. hence, they are responsible for you. They are the ones who have to present the paperwork at the corresponding agencies to get the work permit, which then they just give a copy to you for you to apply for an ARC based on it.

But the date and info on teh ARC are just for reference. You are allowe sdto be in Taiwan as long as teh reason ffor you to be here is valid. That is, as long as the work permit is valid. Which depends on your company. Not you.

Th emost important factor in apllying for a work permit is teh company itself. the government might argue your qualiofications or experince, but if you have a degree and at least two years of relevant experince, there is usually no trouble. There is usually more trouble with companies who pretend they do not know they must fulfill certain conditions in order to be able to hire you. BEWARE!

Got it!
I actually have a phone call with my future boss later in the day.
Let see what will be the final outcome.