Missing Person, David Allan Broderick, “Dave”


How dare you assume their gender!!!


No no of course not silly . I’m just saying all foreigners look like THAT … :clown_face:


Looks like shlong equipped and in my simple book schlong equipped equals MALE

Simple book I know






My guess he was killed , either by a beat.down gone wrong or straight up murder. Just my guess due to him last been seen getting into a car with a group of strange men. They usually murder people with a group of guys here rather than a single hit man.


What hurts the most is the assumption that he left, because all foreigners leave. That is why the police does not push the case. Or if the people in the car are mafia connected, then the cops have less of a motivation to pursue the case. At least the second one is understandable, the first is not.


Sounds like he was murdered. That being the case, it shouldn’t be too difficult to think of a likely “person of interest.”


Yeah it looks real bad.
So many red flags all over it.

Keystone local cops obviously don’t give a shit father of one of their citizens may have been killed.

Motivation : it’s obvious

It’s important for foreigners to try and maintain a few friends/contacts in the wider world here, people who could look out for you if things go wrong or you go missing. So far nobody has popped up to say they know this guy which is pretty weird since he lived here for 15 years.


Many foreigner´s life revolves around their spouse´s family. For many, the language barrier is insurmountable. I am shocked when my friends tell me they don´t even know the weather forecast.

I am really concerned that someone leaves his house with nothing but the clothes on him and no one baits an eye. One has to guess the local family is loaded/connected. Many foreigners think they’ve made it when they marry into money here. Interestingly, the few instances when thinsg have turned sour and a guy is beat up on orders of his wife´s family/gf, it has been with the money people, not the working class. Those hit you themselves. Same with the kick out threats.

Strange indeed no one knew him. It has been only two years. Yes, people move on from work, but even average teachers lasta a year or two. Someone must have met him. Maybe at a bar. Maybe at a sports event.


No one here knows him. No one here is involved in the case. Speculation is pointless.


Why is it pointless ?
Guy has gone missing off the face of the earth and his family are looking for him.


I mean we have no insights. It’s just a usual suspects run through. Gangsters, alien abduction, fake passport, police incompetence.


Just by speculating we can draw attention to it and maybe police will finally investigate it or somebody who knows him and more about this can step forward.

I’d say this is deadly serious.


Draw attention how? I don’t think there are Forumoseans in the police force…


There are people who know police officers though.

This is your error.


I don’t appreciate people trying to shut down discussion.

That’s even worse.


But the guy had no real interface with the foreign community here and his family hasn’t come over here and no missing person bulletin has been issued. In the Fred Frontier case Fred was a poster here no? (memory a bit hazy here) and he was known to some and his mum came over.

All we have is a Facebook post. Anyone want to reach out to his brother?

I’m not trying to shutdown the discussion, just saying we need more info. from those who know.


There are people here who work with the government, government agencies, AIT, etc.

Today it is him. Tomorrow it could be any of us.

Moreover, just by playing seven degrees of separation, someone may have heard something about it. That is teh starting of “info”.


I agree. It is important to keep the conversation going otherwise he’ll be forgotten. However, none of us AFAIK have any knowledge of the guy or evidence about what may have happened. So, speculation about his possible death is a bit tasteless.