Mister Donut


Bananas look like yellow dildoes.


Pfft a lot of food is phallic or otherwise suggestive-looking. Oysters somehow look like both vulvas and testicles at the same time. That ain’t gonna stop me.


I finally just gave up and now everyone at my house calls them “papinas”



there’s a lady making fried stuff in that small corner stand. I passed by there today and tried the donuts: they taste like donuts more than mister donut’s stuff.
And cheap top, 2 for 25NT.


Johan in basement of Xinguang Sanye in Tianmu, acceptable


Not exactly a ringing endorsement. :wink:

There’s a couple bakeries near me which make passable donuts, but they’re always a little off… dough is usually too dense or bready.


Count me in too! I like Mister Donut! Much better than Timmies


It’s funny this thread got traction now. There was a bunch of independent donut places that opened in Taipei a few years back but I think most have closed down now (going by yelp there are still a few ). Omas at Taipower do a decent jam donut.
Tokyo has the best donuts and cronuts in Asia…I shall review soon for your pleasure.


I usually like Japanese style baked goods and desserts. But I also just really like matcha…


Matcha is proof Shinto gods love us.


Matcha is Satan’s toenail fungus


I am almost tempted to make a matcha poll…


Well, I mean, it’s a donut. It went well with my coffee.


Das ist ein Berliner, with a hole!


Johan Paris? Sounds more like German and Dutch,


You got me. Probably Japanese :slight_smile: Their bread’s pretty good though.


They have a few stores in Zhongli. Not that anybody is interested to know this Im sure. And yes their bread is pretty decent.