Mister Donut


The ropey glazed ones taste like wax and the old fashioned dry ones taste like week old cake.


It would seem @Brianjones and I are alone in our appreciation for Mister Donut.


You two and all of Japan.


“They have them at 711 next to my house now.”

Mr. Donut is President Chain store (7-11), so they have the money to be in every MRT station.


These are glazed chocolate donuts, chocolate glazed donuts have a chocolate glaze.


I like the old fashioned


ok, Kemosabe


Suffice it to say that Mister Donut is for people who don’t actually like donuts.


It’s the ukulele of donut shops


Does Dunkin Donuts still exist in Taiwan? I thought they closed all Taiwan shops in 2013.


I’ve never seen a DD here. Just Mister D and KK.


I wonder how long KK will last in Taiwan. They made a huge high profile entrance into the Hong Kong market some 10+ years ago and closed it all down about 3-4 years later. Mister D seems the most well entrenched one in Taiwan.


They’ve done a masterful job of accommodating local tastes.


Which is exactly why they’re so lame.


Lame, but entrenched lame


Hey, an ukulele is a fine instrument, a little small but fine.


Japan is close enough. If it’s in Japan, Taiwanese tourists will be awed about it and than they love it here too, same like all the Korean stuff.


That’s what she said.


i buy mister donut more often than krispy kreme. they are both good but KK is more indulgent.
taiwanese definitely prefer mister donut.


Can’t eat them. Look too much like anal beads. And now you won’t be able to unsee it. You’re welcome.