Mister Donut


They are opening loads of stores in the MRT now, prepare for a fat explosion!


Ha, the rice flour-wheat donut.


I see tons of Mr Donut’s around MRT exits. No line, cuz no competition. But not really good. Taste hasn’t changed, cheap and not donut like, but sells well.Very manufactured and not local like donuts I was used to.


It’s Japanese flavor. Mr. Donut is Japanese actually, now.


Ah, I never knew that’s what gave it its special texture. I know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea but I can dig it. I’m your typical Taiwanese in this way, I like it when food is Q…


I like the Old Fashioned, not ricey.


I still shake my head remembering how big the lines were when this chain first appeared.

Very rarely I’ll grab something in the Mister Donut at Danshui MRT Station on my home, and I always wonder why I bothered - not to my taste, and if I’m going to eat something that unhealthy, I’d better really enjoy it. On the other hand, I do enjoy Krispy Kreme (or at least their more basic ones), and it’s probably good for my health that the nearest one is about an hour away from me.


I do that. I’ll occasionally buy a donut on a whim, and then after I’ve finished it, think: WTF did I buy that for?


Mr donut is disappointing. My uncle opened a donut shop and another bakery. I used to work at this donut shop in the summer and enjoyed all the leftovers before they threw it away. So good, I love donuts and pigs in a blanket. Mr donut doesn’t look bad and sometimes I get fooled into thinking maybe this time it won’t suck so much, it looks good. But it always taste bad.


Mr Donut is really bottom of the pack for me.

Krispy Kreme > Dunkin Donut > Mr Donut

And I don’t even think Krispy Kreme is that good. There’s a lot of small chains in the US that blow it away. But as far as donuts in Taiwan, it’s the best we can get here. :expressionless:


The thing with mister donut is they look really delicious but they’re not. They have them at 711 next to my house now.


I agree that’s gross


I’m not a fan of Mister Donut, but I really like their cinnamon rolls.
Probably because they have a lot more sugar than anything else at Mister Donut.



If we ever needed tattoo-faced foreigner to firebomb another 7/11 let’s ask him to at least take out one with a Mister Donut.


I kind of like Mister Donut stuff , it’s a bit lighter than regular donuts and not too big. A little bit chewy. But like all donuts you don’t want to be eating them too regularly.


They taste like packaged donuts but worse.


I love chocolate glazed donuts


edit: not Mr Donut’s version.
Dunkin’ Donuts, etc.


Much worse. These packaged donuts blow Mister Donut away.



Even those packaged donuts have a better texture than mister donut.


Yeah, them Mister Donuts got that weird waxy non-sweet icing that feels like cable insulation or something