Mitch McConnell Turns the Table

I just love how identity politics is muddying the waters. :banana:

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Shall we make this a late identity politics thread?

In that case, both should be reimbursed for the expropriation of their slaves.

Is it?

McConnell is still as much of an a hole as ever what’s changed? That’s a putrid thing to say even if it’s supposed to tongue and cheek

It already is

Can’t please everyone. I think it’s brilliant.

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Of course you do :). How cute

Normally not a fan of Mitch, and he’s obviously been waiting to use that burn, but it’s still a great burn against the legacy media’s bias,

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Hilarious how woke progressives are triggered and Democrats won’t even talk about it, as if even bringing it up is some kind of crime against humanity. :grin:

It is news that really does not fit well with Democrat identity politics and the party’s growing anti-white racism. Not all intersections are welcome among the woke, and this is an intersection too far, it would seem.

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It reflects to much light and provides unwelcomed data.

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McConnell is not really a person to be cheering for and he is not enlightening anyone. This story is a litmus test.

He ain’t woke is all. Once he learns the proper terminology for talking about race and race relations, including slavery and reparations, he’ll be fine. I’ll bet you he never utters nonsense like that again.

Yeah…like that. That’s what I’m talking about. He doesn’t need to enlighten anyone. He needs to speak his truth is all. The two are not mutually in or exclusive. :whistle:

The truth is McConnell is harming the USA. I want leaders that unite America not divide it with this corrosive hateful tone.

McConnell is not stupid. He knows what he’s saying and to whom and why. He will continue to utter nonsense as long as there is an audience it appeals to and it wins him elections and keeps the GOP in power.


I so hope so.

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Why? You like bankruptcy and civil strife? Gerrymandering and unaccountable leaders flaunting the constitution? Party over country?

I love America too much to support the GOP.

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Tone policing is what people attempt when they’re losing a debate.

You use these bizarre terms. What on earth is ‘tone policing’? Is that kind of like ‘crypto marxist’? Or ‘purity spiral’? Or ‘virtue signaling’?

I appreciate your imagination but come back to the real world now and again. It’s a nice place.

Or gaslighting?

BTW, if you try to gaslight when outnumbered, it often backfires.

Thank you, O platitude master.

I really recommend this podcast on Mitch