Mobile phone vs. cell phone


If you’re American, as you claim, why did you use the term “mobile phone”? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Alleged police/judicial corruption in Taipei/Wanhua ("I was attacked on vacation")

America is a country of immigrants. Americans must use all kinds of English.


None of who say “mobile phone.” Unless they’re a recently immigrated Brit.

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This might not be as much of a tell anymore.
I’m American and grew up calling them cell phones but now I skew more toward “mobile” especially in writing, probably conditioned by Outlook and iPhone contact fields.


Globalist… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I call them idiot chiclets since we’ve moved away from idiot boxes.


Mobile phones , but I have to suffer the ignominy of calling them Cell phones now. The bastardisation of English by those Mericans is nearly complete :smiley:


aside from the old Star Trek-style flip :iphone: that are still around, I believe the term is smartphone (1 word)

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Why can’t we just stick with telegraph.



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Yes. What we used to call a phone has now become a “landline.” Phone is now synonymous with smartphone. “Mobile phone” is only used by effete Brits like @shiadoa. :sunglasses:

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Friday night , after 11pm , is not a great time to try and say that :upside_down_face:


“slur-nonymous.” :sunglasses:

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10,001 :yum:




Oops, you found my bot farm…

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Does it need wiping clean ? Or a reset ?


But they are more “Mobile” these days

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My bot army is growing. Watch out, @yyy! Your “Green New Deal” is about to get a big surprise.


They also have cells, or something.