Mold has started to grow on my shoes & my shirts. How do I remove it?

I assume it’s because it’s winter right now.

Do I just wash them normally?

And how do I prevent this from happening again?

try adding listerine mouthwash to your detergent and a little bit of Hydrogen Peroxide

Get a dehumidifier and run it day and night.

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Yeah. Mould eats everything in Taiwan.

Some AC units have dehumidifier features too.

Get a dehumidifier.

AC dehumidifier just runs the compressor on Max all the time, makes your room very cold even in the middle of summer and uses gobs of electricity as a result. A dehumidifier uses much less electricity and only slightly warms the room. Great for winter and make sure you set up a drain system so you don’t have to keep emptying the bucket.

Will also allow you to save on the heating bill as it makes you feel much warmer in winter. Really great things these dehumidifiers. Could not live without one

Fire. Fire is the only way to get rid of persistent mold. As an added bonus, it will also warm up the room.


That’s what AC’s do, remove moisture from the air.

If you have an older model it will literally freeze shut.

Soak the clothes in vinegar and water. And clean the shoes with it - mixed with water. Look it up on youtube.

I second this. Burn your shoes and buy Crocs. And you don’t need shirts anyway. They’re for pussies. Ask any Canadian or Brit.


For me it’s worse in summer – all my clothes get mildewy after washing. If I forget them in the washer for even an hour after it finishes, they’re terrible.

Have to bring them in and hang them in front of the A/C to rip the water out of them as fast as possible.