More kowtowing by companies who daren't call Taiwan a country


Boston Globe posted an article that I’m guessing China hasn’t seen yet since it’s still up.

Edit: Same guy wrote something about it a couple of years ago too.


What? No law suite?


That doesn’t fit Europe tho.


I had high hopes (seriously) when DP talked with Tsai. But, a conversation with Xi later, and all that went out the window. Business as usual.

Seemingly, the only politician in Washington who has ever openly supported Taiwan, even during his campaign, is Marco Rubio.

At least China has been unable to, so far, force its will on nations to not accept the ROC passport. Well, except for one.


That’s a weird country anyways. Is it a country or is it part of the Russian Empire?


No. Was an SSR. My wife and I visited Armenia a few years ago and got in no problem. We went to Georgia, at the time it was VOA, and spent an hour convincing the border agent that TW was not China.

She likes to think that she was probably the first, and most likely the last TW’ese to enter Georgia.


It seems that it is now the policy of Georgia to refuse entry on a Taiwan passport.


It certainly doesn’t fit Ireland and the UK that is for sure.


Wow, you are so brave! I wonder why all your coworkers did was tell you how brave you are instead of “supporting Taiwan #1” themselves. /end sarcasm

Taiwanese may say that, yet they are busy buying “Made in China” and supporting Mainland Chinese businesses in many other ways, e.g. flying on Mainland Chinese airlines rather than supporting domestic carriers. Hence, the truth is that your Taiwanese can be won over savings of a few thousand NT$.


Sorry. Wrong reply.


Americans, too.


When I was studying in China, I used to go out drinking often. And one of the topics that came up often is me being from Taiwan. Most people just have zero idea about the reality of things. Many things surprised them like that people in Taiwan don’t sing the Chinese national anthem, CCP flags aren’t flown in public places, and that they genuinely believe that people in Taiwan yearn to be part to China again but the government is preventing them and lying to them. But the one question that took me off guard was these PRC nationals asked me why I had to do conscription one night, and it kinda slipped out that I said something along the lines so I can learn to kill you guys if you come.

It was interesting talking to every day average Chinese people about Taiwan. Unless they are well of businessman, politicians, people part of the communist party and such. They genuinely don’t have a clue about the reality of the situation of Taiwan.


Some cities in Asia have been known to insist on different cards for skytrains and subway trains. The Pearl River Delta doesn’t seem to be going in that direction.

Shenzhen Tong cards are now widely used in Shenzhen instead, and a combined Shenzhen Tong – Hong Kong Octopus card is available, called the Hu Tong Xing, with RMB & HKD in different purses.[52] The Macau Pass is now widely used in Macau.


So, how did Mr. Supply Respond?


How about this
"Ship to: taiwan flag (China)Taiwan"


Okay, Rangoon it is!


Swear I’ve used Oyster card in Shenzhen before. Would have been at Cafe De 'Coral


Grand Hyatt changed their Taipei address on their website.