Moroccan student ARC revoked mistake

Similar questions, different wording.
But yeah, OP needs to give a bit more info, as their first post isn’t clear.

Thank you for replying, let me make it clearer:

1.She came more than a year ago, on a tourist visa first, she got it from France, then she changed it to a student visa from HK to study mandarin in Taiwan [dates of acquiring the visa: France In december 2018/ the visa to study mandarin with extension by the end of March 2019] (SHE ARRIVED FOR FIRST TIME IN TAIWAN IN FEBRUARY 2019)
2. She changed to a resident visa (in November 2019) to obtain an arc in Taiwan (in December 2019)that she’s renewing every 3 months within some documents from NTNU.
The ARC has 2 conditions that she must fulfill (good attendance at university and study record )
she wants to continue studying but they already took her arc, asking her to leave Taiwan on July 4th and go through the whole process again which is (HK to ask for a visa to study Chinese with extension -> do the extension 2 times “every 2 months”—> change it to a resident visa to finally get another ARC)

the biggest problem is she’s the only one in this situation!: we’ve been asking around and even her friend has the same situation with the same visa and didn’t have the same issue and nobody took from her her ARC)

4.She applied for an address change on May 7th

3.expires on June 4th and got it on March, but the arc has been taken away and the stamp for a short stay until July has been made.

5.She is a language student
6.She is in Taipei living with me.
7. She wanted to enroll for the next semester but since they took away her ARC and asking her to go to HK and do everything on more time so she is waiting to see what’s going on first.

this part is not clear.

Did she first come in Taiwan in Feb 2019 on tourist visa, then got a student visa in HK by the end of March 2019? Then she extended it 2 or 3 times, and got a resident visa and ARC in November and December 2019? Though iirc, visitor visa is up to 180days. When did she get a student visa in HK?

Her ARC was/is till June 4, and she got an automatic extension of 1 month, so it seems her ARC is not revoked, but was she said her ARC is invalid?

consult with her school’s office for international students


Yes exactly first one in February on tourist visa then got a visa to study Chinese on March (not a student visa its very different )
she got the resident visa by the end of November then applied for An ARC that she got by the beginning of December
And no; a visitor visa for her country (Morocco )its only for 30 days
they took her ARC at the immigration and said, were sorry we made a mistake we shouldn’t give you this ARC at all (the reason is her resident visa there is something saying valid to March )
Her friend went to apply for a month extension due to the covid;. All the foreigners can overstay to 2 months then she was suprised by the agent saying to her to not lose her ARC and that she can still apply for an ARC without any complication. As I said before their cases are identicals: they came here together and have been applying together almost same time and definitely the same documents

Maybe her 30 days time limit was over, until she changed it to a student-visa (so she maybe overstayed ?).

How did she change her Visa anyway in March 2019 ?
Did she have to leave Taiwan and apply for the new Visa from an outside country ?

I am not an expert on this subject, but I find it very strange that people again and again are writing student-visa, working-visa etc.

There is just a visitor-visa, single or multiple, valid different days depending on which country.
You apply for such a visitor-visa, and based on your purpose, after a waiting time of 4 months, your personal ARC will be issued based on your personal purpose (work, study, family).
Or am I completely wrong here and me just writing bullshit ?

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I’ve been here since August of 2002, and I’m still confused about the visa thing. Maybe we should call it Schrödinger’s Visa. Or maybe it’s a Hegelian thing, in which a thesis visa and an antithesis visa result in a synthesis visa. Or maybe it’s just old-fashioned alchemy, or even –shudder– witchcraft.

From March of this year:

From 2014:

From 2014:

From 2011:

From 2011:

From 2010:

From 2009:

From 2008:

From 2007:

From 2006:

From 2006:

From 2006:

From 2005:

From 2005:

From 2004:

From 2004:

From 2003:

From 2002:

From 2001:

From 2001:

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This rule applies only to visa free entry or tourist visas, I believe. Not to ARC holders. If your ARC expires, you still have to renew it, it doesn’t just get extended by 1 or 2 months due to Covid. get this then apply for ARC is I guess more correct? There is definitely a forum to fill out that will let u stay in the country to study if you show you have been enrolled in Chinese classes for like 4 months. Whatever that is called that is what people are referring to as a “student visa”

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this sounds strange. Did she tell them she extended her ARC in March?
Anyway, did she already ask for help from her school?

Oh, I’m not correcting anyone, and I apologize for seeming to do so.

I actually am confused about the whole thing. I’ve never had a student visa, but for me, there’s general confusion about visas.

For example, there’s one poster who has argued that there’s no such thing as a JFRV (which I think stands for Joining Family Resident Visa), and that poster assigns some other name to it. I did some Googling about that, and as far I can tell, maybe he’s right. However, I wonder if it’s possible that the people who originally started using that term (JFRV) didn’t just make it up. I wonder if maybe they got it from some source that was supposed to be reliable.

Anyway, I’m sorry for hijacking this thread (and I also apologize for dragging you into this thread–I just now checked and saw that I quoted one of your posts in my earlier post), but that sort of thing has been baffling me for years. That’s why I compared it to alchemy or magic.

I haven’t checked out your link, but I will.

Generally these thing exist but people don’t use the right terms for them. There is a way to get a arc via marriage think people call the process or visa jfrv, but you probably won’t find a jfrv visa that you can apply for when coming to Taiwan. Same for the so called student visa. I think u have to switch over and it’s like a reason for getting arc

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When typing on small display of a cell phone, visitor visa to study is too long, though I would not refer marriage based ARC to JFRV.

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I thought your gf also received a month extension due to covid. The story doesn’t add up, seems either you or your gf are very confused. The resident visa only lasts for a short time, it is meant to allow you entry to Taiwan to apply for the ARC not to live here with that visa alone. The residency visa has purposes, it can be for study or work but there is not such thing as student visa.

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If that is true, then why does the Taipei Economic Cultural Office have this on their official website?

No such thing as a Student Visa? You had better instruct the government and let them know they are wrong!

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You can try applying and the actual physical visa that will get stamped on your passport will say VISA TYPE: RESIDENT. Unlike the US that actually has student visas like a J-20 or F/M visa types.

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In my limited experience here in Taiwan (just a few mths short of 2 decades and having had some visa experiences), I would have to agree with you on this…there is actually no such thing as a Student Visa (although some ppl still use this term to make things easy to understand [the same goes for “Marriage Visa”], like Malcolm has pointed out in the TECO website)…The different types of visas according to BOCA’s website are as follows:

  1. Visitor Visa (or sometimes referred to as a Tourist Visa), their duration usually lasts anywhere from 30 days to 180 days if extension is allowed. You CANNOT do any type of work with this type of visa.

  2. Resident Visa (These have a special purpose attached to them [for studying, taking up employment, getting married etc]…and they usually have a short duration as you MUST convert it to an ARC within 14 days of receiving it. AFAIK, all Resident Visas are NOT stand alone and must be exchanged for an ARC. You can call an ARC an “upgraded resident visa”. The ARC in turn can have durations of 6 mths, 1 year, 2 years or a maximum of 3 years at a time and it can always be extended.

  3. evisas

  4. Visa-exempt entry and Landing Visas (Visa on arrival)

  5. Working holiday visas

  6. Entrepreneur Visas

  7. Employment seeking visas

Anyone who plans on studying, working or getting married in Taiwan usually have to first apply for a Visitor Visa, enter Taiwan with that Visa, and during its validity apply to convert it to a Resident Visa at BOCA (If you’re a student at a Language school or University, then you must bring proof of being a student there along with bank statements, if you’re planning on taking up employment, then you need a Work Permit, if you’re planning on staying here after marriage, then you need a Marriage certificate and your HHR)…In your case, I believe your gf entered on a Visitor Visa, got it converted to a Resident Visa and did not get it converted to an ARC within 14 days of acquiring it. Honestly, I have never heard of anyone being in this situation before and I would expect NIA to overlook this rule most of the times. Just like the change of address when we move, the rule being one must update the ARC within 14 days or you will be fined…they usually waive this rule and allow you to change even after a mth without giving you a fine. I guess this really depends on who is taking up your case. I would advise you to take this to a superior or go directly to the one who is in charge of that department and plead your case.


here you mean a visitor visa for tourist, right?

she was on a visitor visa for a language student from March to November, at least for 7+ months. Did she once do a visa run to HK during the period, or can you extend a visitor visa for a total duration of more than 180 days?

Is the friend who could extend ARC also from Morocco?


I wanna know too on exactly what type of Visa was she on during March to November 2019? Is there such a thing called a “Visa to study Chinese”?? You say it’s not a student visa, then what type of visa is it? Can you take a look in her passport and tell us exactly what type of visa she got for that period? It will probably help us in knowing her situation more clearly instead of us just shooting in the dark.