Moscow Mitch

McConnell has vowed to block any legislation about Russian election interference from reaching the debate floor.
Don’t both parties want to stop election interference?
Isn’t this one issue that both parties could work together on?


I’m curious, without getting into detailed descriptions. What do you think are the pretty solid instances that the Russian Government interfered in the 2016 election.

1)We know of the Troll farms, Facebook fake groups, etc… They appear to have been pretty successful

2)There is also some information about Russians Receiving polling data info. We don’t know enough about that or how it was used. There was also other info that was hinted at but not detailed in the public Mueller report seems to be relevant as Mueller has referred to this both times when speaking publicly.

  1. WikiLeaks and data breaches. Looks like there is not enough evidence to link this directly to any party, but it is worrying. They are able to get information that (did or could) affect the results of an election.

Number 1 and 3 could and should be dealt with as it is worrying to all.

Regarding number 2…it is difficult to link any concrete links to a party or candidate, but one would think all Americans would want to prevent this.

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OK, I wanted to know your understanding. So we can objectively look at the facts. Expanding on point 3.

3(i) DNC data breach.
3(ii) Podesta emails.
3(iii) How the emails ended up with Wikileaks.

But I think you may have overlooked what I think was the biggest case.

  1. Top Russian officials working with Christopher Steele to create the Steele dossier.
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Totally unrelated:

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Well exactly and in case @eCanada is wondering why I asked for a basic outline of understanding, I will show how point 4 impacts directly on points 1,2,3 that were brought up. I will also bring up a point 5.

  1. Deliberate targeting of enemies of the Obama administration by use of foreign intelligence. The case of Svetlana Lokhova is a case in point, where she was invited to a dinner by Sir Richard Dearlove (ex head of British intelligence) to meet with Mike Flynn in 2014 (long before Trump even made his intentions known to run). Stefan Halper, who the FBI admitted was an asset used to surveil Trump associates is also in the mix.

I want to use cold hard facts, undisputed. To show while there was Russian interference, points 1,2,3 are heavily influenced by points 4 and 5 and they amount to minimal or business as usual type of interference.

Also, that points 4 and 5 are where the real scandal lies. Yet is all but ignored by the media. Another scandal in itself.

The Steele Dossier is being investigated by Barr and the DoJ

I still think that has little to do with McConnell refusing to allow a bill into the Senate.

Do you not think election meddling is an issue?

Of course. But it should be looked at objectively. did you ask yourself why you forgot to add the Steele Dossier to your list?

Let’s add another undisputed fact. From March 2016 onwards the Clinton team spent millions to create a narrative that Donald Trump was colluding with Russians and that Russians were assisting Donald Trump to influence an election.

Is that a fair statement?

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I don’t see how anyone could oppose this bill

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I still hold the Steele dossier in the unconfirmed category. I also didn’t include direct contact between Trump and or his team and members of the Russian government and or oligarchs.
To be, they’re both unsubstantiated.

For now, to preserve democracy, at least number 1 should be dealt with.
McConnell’s motives are curious to me. Does he really just want to block any democratic initiative?

Did you watch the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings last fall?

Yes sir, I did

Then you now have an idea of Leader McConnell’s motives.

Because it doesn’t make sense. A transition team will be in contact with tons of foreigners, whats the point of a transition period if you can’t talk to the people you will be transitioning to?

Along the same lines as this?

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Will you agree Hillary Clinton tried to create a Russian collusion story, paid with millions through Perkins Coie, who hired Fusion GPS, who hired Christopher Steele?

Will you agree, from at lest March 2016, Hillary Clinton was engaged in creating a Russian Collusion conspiracy between Trump and the Russians?

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Again, I haven’t seen proof of any of that.
Just like I haven’t seen proof of Trump personally meeting with Russians.
To me, the argument you’re presenting is a distraction.
Maybe we’ll find out that there is something to what you’re presenting… But it’s not an either or.

The senators need to do something to ensure at least some level of security or urgency for the 2020 election

Nah, more like this.

“Do something.” I distrust vague mandates. Let’s talk specifics. Do what, precisely?

She hired Fusion GPS in March of 2016 to create a Russian collusion narrative between Trump and the Russians. What part of that is controversial?

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