Moscow Mitch

Anything… Right now, the executive branch says nothing happened and the Senate refuses to hear any legislation.
Do you not see that as a problem?
It’s encouraging Russia to do the same thing

Oh, you mean where the investigation was blocked and a vote pushed through? Cool

Or was it more like this?

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Nah, more like this.

“Female classmates and friends at area schools recalled a heavy drinker who was much more aggressive with boys than they were,” Hemingway and Severino write of Ford. “‘If she only had one beer’ on the night of the alleged assault, a high school friend said, ‘then it must have been early in the evening.’ Her contemporaries all reported the same nickname for Ford, a riff on her maiden name and a sexual act.”

“They also debated whether her behavior in high school could be attributed to the trauma of a sexual assault,” the authors added. “If it could, one of them said, then the assault must have happened in seventh grade.”

As well he should.

What part of the US are you from, anyway?

Do you think mitch is receiving cash from Russia?


What part of the US are you from?

I’ve been told not to divulge personal info on sites like this

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What about you?

Didn’t ask for city and state, just area.

North or south? East or west?

North East

Move here from Virginia, but I’ve lived all over the US. Born in the west, just east of the Rockies.

Now that I’ve answered your question… Could you please address the article presented. I haven seen a response yet

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So what’s with the handle? eCanada?!

Seems irrelevant to the business at hand. Mcconnell really doesn’t want to see legislation introduced.

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Well, I’m not really interested in airing America’s dirty laundry with a Canadian with an odd axe to grind.

If you were American, though, I might. Who knows, you might vote for Trump.

I’m a global citizen who is concerned about democracy. I’m here to have a discussion as I’m worried about the future of democracy in the US.
I’m also concerned about democracy in Hong Kong. I am not from there… But as a global citizen, I am free to voice my opinion

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I’ve heard the three GOP funded the dossier at some point in time. Is that not true?

Well, if you want to have a discussion with this American, about the US, then you’ll have to give me a reason. Of course you may not wish to do so, but if not then I’m not much interested, either.

I’m really not fond of discussions with “global citizens” who pose as Americans in order have an honest discussion about the US. Doesn’t seem right.

Yes, I didn’t hear three, but that’s fine. The Russian collusion however, didn’t start till Hillary Clinton and her funders took over.