Mosquito bites last a long time here!

Anyone else have this problem?
Had a lot of mosquitos where I’m from but the bites would heal a lot faster. Here they seem to take forever to go away. Maybe it’s a different breed of mosquito my body is not used to.
Little bit of lavender oil seems to help.
Anyone had the same problem or have any suggestions?

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Lavender oil, interesting. Any of the various menthol-based ointments or oils they sell here seem to help a little.

Ok cool ya I’ll have to give that a shot

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I’m fond of 萬應白花油

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Costco is now carrying at least 3 kinds of balms (Tiger balm, plus two that are mentholated) and I think a couple more that are Chinese. It’s that time of year.

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China oil

Same problem! I use Una Kowa Cool Punch, don’t know if it’s available in Taiwan.

she love you long time…

White Vinegar works to reduce the itch. Apply with cotton or tissue, hold there 30s or so, gently wash the stank off with water.

I find 2 types here, one gives large bump that hurts 10 minutes or so then goes, other give small almost blister types that go on for days.


The mosquitos, especially in the countryside, are real sumsbitches here. Actually I think all of Asia must have some distinct breed of super mosquitoes that are bigger, angrier and stronger than their North American cousins. Mosquito bites seem to welt up for over a week here.

A.D. cream works a bit for me.

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Asian tiger mosquito . The one with the stripes.


Soap, ordinary soap. Just wet your finger apply some soap, put on the sting and 10 minutes later, itching gone. If it’s liquid soap, just put the soap, pure.

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Is there anything that works for flea or bedbug bites?

Get rid of the cat, throw out the bed, covers, mattress, and your suitcase.

If the bite doesn’t heal and stays itchy for days, then it’s probably the work of a biting midge, not mosquito.


Yep many people new to Taiwan don’t know about xiao hei wen. Don’t scratch the itch or easy to get infected.
Put on insect repellent.

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This stuff is excellent in preventing bites, not cheap though, especially in Taiwan.

If you do get bitten, this stuff is great at reducing the itch, again can be expensive and difficult to find sometimes

If its just your standard old bite then regular dabs of green tea oil can temporarily keep the itch at bay. Never scratch bites!

What about for bat bites? :wink:

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There’s always one Joker!

“Last a long time”

made me think of this: