Mother vs wife..which is more important to taiwanese people?

who should be a men’s proliority…wife or mother?

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This could get a bit Oedipal.


if your husband bought a brand new car and he prefer to share his excitement with his mother tban his wife…how was that?

Momma paid for it, is paying for it or will pay for it.


Does the wife get to sit on and use the car? Why should she care that she’s told first or share the excitement? And they’ve known each other longer, mom and the husband . Maybe he’s always wanted this car and mom has known about since he was 10.

Maybe the wife shouldn’t read too much into it. :idunno:

Or maybe idk, a hundred other things. :roll_eyes:


Shouldn’t the wife already know before it was bought?


It’s not that she doesn’t know is it? Just that he’s not excited enough talking about it with her???


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how do you know? was you there?

I have no idea. I missed a question mark at the end!

All better now.

According to Taiwanese culture? Mother, always. Parents are always at the top of the hierarchy according to filial piety.

Actually grandmother/father would actually be higher than this. But usually grandparents do not manage their grandkid’s affairs, they tell their children what to do about their children.

Wife is actually pretty low on the filial piety hierarchy, somewhere between the husband and the children actually.

It just depends on how much your man cares about filial piety, not all of them care that much.


How to say your husband is Taiwanese without saying your husband is Taiwanese ^^


It depends.

How long has his mother been his mother?

How long has his wife been his wife? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Mother > Xiao San > Wife


Oh man.


Just a bad joke.

In reality it’s more like:

Parents > Wife > Kids > Grandparents > Siblings > Other family > Friends


You forgot to put boss in there too.


To my future Daughter in Law,

My advise don’t get jealous on small things.



Both. If a man, or a woman, can’t love both AND stand up to both when they are wrong, it is an unhealthy relationship.

There are certain cultural norms here that kind hint at when and where people are not cool with the way things go. Mothers in law is one such situation. But that’s the kids fault, for allowing such abuse. Grow up.

My loyalty is to both. But if I were to be holding onto both of them dangling off a cliff and could only save one, it would be wife without thought. Mainly based o. Age, mother is near dead already, second is wife is raising the next generation and we need that more than a babysitter. Harsh truth. It would, or should, be devastating either way. But logicallyit’s a no brainer. If one were to choose mom, one may also question the quality of choice of wife. …

I take it they both have equal life insurance?

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Mother in law none, don’t need any unnecessary raised eyebrows for something everyone would gladly do for free :innocent:

But in all seriousness, wouldn’t most choose the mother of your children over grandmother? Seems logical, albeit still sad.

All that goes off the table if adults choose to live with said grandmother perhaps. That’s on them.