Motorcycle Questions and General Hangout

Hi y’all,

Couldn’t find a motorcycle thread so a few questions here (asking in other places as well). Just curious if anyone here has had a v1 or V2 mt-15 – or, even better, both. Just curious about how suitable they are for longer distance rides. Fwiw, I’m 175 cm / 5’9" and weigh in at 56 kg /125lbs.

For the past few months I’ve had a 2009 wolf 150 with probably 30-40K km on the Odo. But after a Convo with a mechanic, I have some concerns about the FI system. While I really love this lil bike, it kinda feels like a hot potato to me rn. This is a problem that might never happen – god knows these things can run for ages – but it also might go off in my hands. As such, I’m kinda wanting to pass along this potato to someone else. Ofc I’ll inform them about this and price it accordingly. I’m no asshole.

im mostly looking at the mt15 bc of lack of other really appealing options… I don’t particularly want to get a post 2016 Wolf because paying more for less power and otherwise the same bike feels wrong, pre 2016 gen is what I have and while a newer one of that gen would work, it’s already getting a bit older… Otherwise, it’s just eurobikes (not interested bc the maintainence supply chain issues here), really sporty uncomfortable looking japanese bikes (R15, gixxers, etc), or a few more classic styled but ultimately shitty or grey market Japanese bikes (YXS or whatever is embarrassingly underpowered for the price, w175 grey market). So just at a bit of an impasse.

All that said back to the Mt15.

First question: how much of a lean angle do you have to sit at to ride this? It looks a bit leany but I’m not entirely sure, and I’m not sure how much I really want to have to put tonnes of stress on my wrists.

I assume I am correct in assuming that the pillion seat isn’t great, so when I’m carrying a passenger the issue of lean will become more relevant. And just generally, how much discomfort would the average Taiwanese (rather thin and somewhat shorter) be feeling on this?

Third, suspension. My main complaint with the wolf is that even with suspension set for me, it’s pretty bouncy sometimes and stiff other times which can be frustrating. Might be due to my thin build. How does the suspension handle on these? And I know there’s a diff between v1 and 2, so any input on both is appreciated. I mostly stick to good roads so hopefully not too big a problem, but how does it handle on (unobstructed) shit roads?

Abs. Does it work well? Not too many abs false positives or what have you, but also when shit hits the fan will it activate? This is a primary motivation for the upgrade as I’d rather like to have it. As for the v1/V2, if anyone can weigh into the value of the extra cash for the rear abs on the mt-15v2, that’d be cool.

Moving on, manoeuvrability & speed – how well does it do in city traffic? It seems like it ought to be fairly nimble, and I think that the small wheelbase will help there. Speaking of wheelbase, speed: I don’t like to drive super fast here because it feels dumb, but I do sometimes take the larger roads and will get up to 70 something on the wolf and it just starts getting squirrelly. I’m assuming this bike can probably do 70-80 with relative ease?

Lastly, build quality. I know a lot of these are built in non-Japanese Yamaha factories. Is it generally thought that those produce bikes of good quality and reliability? I’m assuming a 1-2 year old used bike shouldn’t have too many major concerns, or?

Thanks for any and all help. I know it’s not the most focused, but I’m just trying to figure out it’s compatibility with my driving style – I’m no road warrior – but also want to confirm that it’s a good step up from where I was on the old Wolf in terms of reliability and, hopefully, comfort.

Lastly and this is purely opinion what color schemes do y’all like on it the best? I’m going between the light grey and red, there’s the dark grey and red, the rather expensive 2023 model year dark grey n cyan, and lastly the plain black. Not too interested in the blue tbh. I kinda am leaning towards the matte light grey and red, always liked that, but the pure black and the dark grey cyan are also pretty cool. The cyan is definitely rather bold :smiley:

One last thought: has anyone bought new? If so, are there comfort related customization options and if so, what are they? And do you know if they’re any good?

And maybe @TT can u weigh in on any actual meaningful changes beyond the cc on the older vs newer Wolves? Idk if you’ve had both. I still rather like them as an option even if paying more to drop down to 125cc feels like a bit of an insult.

I have a 2017 FI Wolf 150, never had any problems. I bought with about 20000km and take for full service every 5000km. Doesn’t get squirrelly and I’ve taken it almost to the red line in top gear at over 100km/h. My version has hydraulic suspension, which most don’t seem to. Very reliable bike.

More than 2 years I’ve had it, my only bike in Taiwan. I don’t know much about the different models, sorry.

If I get a new bike, I’ll probably get something bigger. Kawasaki z650rs maybe. The Kawasaki w175 is a lot like the Wolf, but you’ll need to buy new

Could you go to a dealer and take an MT for a test ride?

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I think the W175 is grey market so I’ve chosen to not go for it. Also think it’s pretty ugly tbh… but mostly the grey mkt issue. Good to hear that the later gen 150s have some improvements, as the suspension on mine can be as mentioned rather harsh.

I suppose I’ll try and go for a proper test ride. My biggest issue is that they see my young ass and assume I’m too poor for it I think. Do you think buying new would be worthwhile? Main reason I’d want to test ride a new one is to see how it feels when new as a comparison to the used ones.

I don’t think so, no. I also wouldn’t buy grey market

Looks like a Wolf to me. I’ve changed the appearance of my Wolf a bit anyways

Are you?

Depends on the market. For a lot of the bigger bikes I’m looking at these days it makes sense to buy new (or negotiate hard)

and still keep the wolf?

Not sure. I don’t want to give up the convenient parking, but don’t really want 2 bikes

I can afford it :joy: it’s gonna be a decent bit of my savings but that’s kinda expected.

To me that’s the main problem, if I could just park up in a scooter space while I got some dumplings, instead of having to find a car parking space.

it’s especially ridiculous when you compare the length of some of the white plate scooters to some smaller (mostly but not exclusively) yellow plate bikes which are just so much thinner and sometimes shorter. It’s ridiculous that some of these superwide white plate scoots are allowed to park in those spots, but god forbid the guy I saw yesterday riding a Husqvarna 401 parks in a white plate spot!


I can’t think of any non-hydraulic suspension motorcycles. Maybe front suspension on early Honda Cub (and clones), not sure how they worked. Otherwise you’d have to go back maybe pre-war.


Looks like they were pretty standard hydraulic units, but hidden/protected inside the pressed steel forks, with a cantilever arm on the end. Design classic.

He just means he’s got piggyback shocks on his, the ones with an additional / remote reservoir.

You can still get custom springer or leaf spring forks (some have hidden hydraulics).

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I actually didn’t know the other ones were more than just springs, but yeah

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They might just think you’re a foreigner so probably can’t or won’t pay for it on installments. Not because you’re young. If you drive your 150 Wolf there they might think your serious.
I have a large bike license but won’t get something bigger while in Taipei as I’d have to park in cark park spacing.
I guess you might be able to rent one if you have the license.

This is what I’m thinking at this pt. Rent one for a day, maybe this long weekend, and just ride it until my body aches to see how well it handles shit.

Just toured on my silly little wolf with a lady friend and 20-50lbs of luggage all the way to 仁愛 and I must say, it’ll be sad to get rid of that bike. It totally did not deal well with hehuanshan, totally anemic in power above 2nd gear (presumably because of air not slope). But the fact that it did take probably 340-360 lbs of shit all the way up that mountain does amaze me. Won’t be able to do that on a mt-15 probably… And the passenger would definitely want to kill me after 1-2 hours.

God I want the heavy liscense, that Honda cb350 is calling me :cry::cry::cry:all that one year bs.

Ofc, I also don’t want a yellow or red plate bc parking. That said, Taichung for the moment at least is still the wild west in this regard, can basically park anywhere all the time. Police here don’t actually do their job. But that 350 looks near perfect for what I want, although a tad more power would prob be nice (like a 400/450). But I was driving behind one on Hehuanshan for a while and it handled it with (apparent) ease and sounded absolutely great doing it. Not loud but thumpy. Mmm.

It looks good, but @Shaun008 suggested to me the engine isn’t really powered enough, and as a gray market import part supply isn’t great

figures, all the nice classic styled bikes are either grey or somewhat underpowered. Very typical. As far as I can tell, the engine isn’t too seriously underpowered tho - again, no trouble making it up Hehuanshan. I don’t need a screamer or anything, just want something that’ll move me around decently. I suppose there’s also the yamaha xsr700 but I think it’s kinda uggo. Rebel 500 would work, although it’s dangerously close to uncool-chopper territory, but it’s small and smart enough for me not to dislike it. Yamaha FSX would be great if it’s engine weren’t so shit. Far too underpowered for it’s price imo.

Suzuki recently released a 250 Vstrom which looks interesting, albeit probably still not great for the pillion, and is prob pretty underpowered in trying to fit an ADV bike on a 250 engine. But reading reviews, seems like it’ll easily sit at 70, and that combined with the alleged comfort is attractive. Plus, adv suspension probably means it’ll work ok for some light touring (which for Taiwan’s size is really all I can imagine needing). Maybe a good choice for me, but I do assume it accelerates quite poorly and has the same N-1 gear issue that most of the baipai Suzuki’s do. Ugh.

Edit; reading more about it, seems like it’s mostly just geared low which means lower top speed but good torque, decent accel i suppose. Probably not gonna beat the idiot scooter drivers off the line who are staring at their phone and taking off right when it turns green, but that’s plenty fine by me :smiley: just wish they offered it in colors that aren’t bright yellow… Good for getting seen, ig.

Does anyone know anything about the Suzuki Bandit btw? it looks like a more two-up/commuting oriented GSXR. Like most Suzukis, its fuckin ugly tho. Really hate their styling for any of their road/sport bikes. The Vstrom would be a decent option for what I want, I suppose.

And while we’re at it, is the sym 300cc big wolf any good? I assume not amazing, probably just a fine budget big bike. At which point, why bother. Honestly, nevermind.

At any rate I’m far off field from my original question, I still mostly just want baipai for convenience. Once it becomes so inconvenient, the fun is kinda gone. Can’t lane filter anymore - at least not legally - either, meaning I might as well just drive a car anytime in a city.


Triumph and Indian are nice, Harley is imported legally, Kawasaki had the W800 or Z650rs or z900rs. They’re just all too expensive

High on my list of possible next bikes. I don’t ride a motorcycle to look cool. I’m cool because I don’t care what other people think about my bike. It looks small and comfortable, the reviews are good, should be easy to carry lots of gear and comfy for passenger


I test rode one about 18 months ago, the build quality of the bike feels quite good, the engine is a tried and tested design and normally reliable (but grey import so you take your chance).

The bike itself just feels heavier than it should be its got a curb wight of just under 400lb then when you add the rider/ pillion /luggage it feels like a brick. It feels like its built like a tank for taking on India’s roads, the bottom end feels flat, mid range was ok just felt like it needed a bit of a push every time I set off.

I ride a brick anyway thats underpowered so I know the feeling, if your thinking about the rebel 500, you can also look at the Vulcan 650 S, I think you can get them around the same price.

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what r u riding, just out of curiousity?