Moving out of my apartment, but landlord wants to show it while I'm still living there?

I gave my landlord 2 months notice that I’m moving out (my lease is ending and I think my current place is overpriced), and she said she’ll begin showing my unit while I’m still living in there, and that I should be home sometimes to open the door to prospective tenants, and that if I’m not home they can show it with the realtor.

Some questions:

  1. What happens if stuff gets stolen while I’m not home? Should I demand the landlord get tenant property insurance or do I have to pay out of pocket myself? I have all my credit cards, company documents and chops at home, as well as other documents that cannot be lost (it would cause a huge amount of wasted time to get new copies, and paying third party agents tens of thousands of dollars (in USD), so it’s a real material cost).

  2. Can I refuse to be home / show the home? It doesn’t seem reasonable to ask me to be around… can I send a bill for $500 USD / hr for my time after the fact? (my rent is 15k NTD / month) What are my legal recourse to collect on this, assuming it’s reasonable compensation for me? I’m willing to get a lawyer for this out of spite.

  3. Can I demand they hire me a house cleaner that cleans every time someone visits? And this would increase my chances of catching covid.

  4. Any other suggestions on how I should deal with this situation?


Is there a clause in your contract that says you have to let prospective future tenants look at the property before you move out? If not, just tell the landlord no.


There isn’t. But does this mean they are not allowed to, or it’s okay? I’m not clear on that. I have never seen a landlord allow people to visit homes while the tenant is still living there, even in Taiwan.

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I don’t know about here, but in the US, this is pretty normal. Landlords want a unit filled. If it’s not, they’re not getting rent. So once you give your notice, they start showing it. I’ve only been present for a showing one time. I was working on something and figured it wouldn’t be a big deal. Rental company comes with a potential tenant. Guy starts looking around where I live. It was Weird. As. Fuck.

After that, I made sure to get the fuck out before a showing came. Anyway, with regards to covid, I have no answers for you, but I wouldn’t worry. And the realtor will be with anyone looking around. They ain’t snooping through your papers.

Overall, this seems pretty normal, dude.


i think that you are taking it a little too far.
if the landlord was fair with you before, there is no reason to refuse a reasonable request to show your place to prospective tenants.
set a mutually agreed time they can come, and be at home if you want to make sure nothing is stolen.
the viewings will take 10 mins, its not like they are staying the night, nor do you need to entertain them.
otherwise, lock your stuff somewhere safe and thats it.


No, it is not legal for the landlord to enter the premises you are paying for. If they do, it is a big boo boo.

They are not allowed in, not even for repairs, in your absence, without your consent. They should not use your key.

That said, if you do not want your life to become a living hell, agree on scheduled visits when you are there. Stress the fact that you do not consent to having anyone coming in and out because you are afraid of strangers in your property and things getting lost/damaged.

You can even offer to find another tenant.

Be nice but firm.

To know your rights, you can consult with free legal advice at City Hall or Tsui Mama organization.


Tell your landlord you live like a slob and that prospective tenants would be repulsed by the state of the apartment before you move out and have it cleaned.


I’m thinking maybe I can convince the landlord to pay for a weekly cleaner, and in exchange I can let them view the home

Unlikely they would agree, but worth a try.

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This, I’d even go spend a few hundred on a xiaomi security cam or similar, set up auto notify on movement and then scream blue murder through it if the landlord is entering your apartment.

If your relationship with the landlord is good and/or you might need some flexibility on moving out then maybe come to an arrangement that suits you but it’s purely optional.

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What is he big deal here ?

Allow future tenants to have a look while you are at home. Wearing mask is a must.
You set the rules of and the timing !

A clear No-Go to any other visits. How can the landlord get into to appartment anyway (assuming that he/she doesn’t have a key) ?

Buy a XiaoMi webcam to keep an eye out for any lossible landlord intruders.

I’ve never been able to visit an apartment on 591 while there’s a tenant living there. They’ve always asked me to wait until the tenant vacates. So I think I’m being taken advantage of as a tenant. I wouldn’t do that as a landlord (I’ve been a landlord in the states).

I think this is a massive turn off for the prospective tenant if the landlord doesn’t respect their tenant’s privacy, and an indicator of what’s to come.

Ok I get it, the landlord doesn’t want a single day of vacancy, but I’ve been renting this place for two years already, no need to money pinch, and their place will go off market fast if rent is fair. Though I think the place should realistically rent for 12k instead of 15k a month and the landlord is probably worried they won’t get a renter for months.

EDIT: I was wrong. It is illegal. See the posts below.

Yes, it is legal if they give written notice in advance.

They can only enter without written notice if you give your consent.

Otherwise, written notice is required.

To the OP:
It is not unheard of for landlords to do this. If you feel uncomfortable allowing them in without you there, then set an agreed upon day/s and time/s for viewings.


What law is this obligation based on?

Does this mean the principle of quiet enjoyment does not apply in rental contracts here?

*EDIT: It is illegal for the lsndlord to enter without the tenant’s consent.

The dwelling is under the ownership of the landlord. They agree to let you reside in their dwelling in exchage for payment.

They have the right to access their dwelling that they own as long as they notify you in advance. I believe it is 3 days advanced notice minimum.

I dont have the law in front of me. But my good friend, who is Taiwanese, is a realator. She knows the laws and we discussed this before.

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play the covid card. they need 3 boosters, a pcr test and ## day quarantine before entry. problem solved.

not sarcasm, demand it on health concerns. it’s normal a lot of places, if notice is given. but I am against strangers in my house. period. first step i take when renting a new house is changing the locks .


In the US, its dependent on the state. some states say hell no, and others require a 24hr notice. it varies.

In the UK, they have to give you 24 hours notice, but the landlord and/or agent are allowed to enter for viewings and inspections to ensure you aren’t destroying the place, or growing drugs.

They’re not supposed to judge you on anything other than structural damage or anything illegal, but they do. I received a letter a while back complaining about the bicycles in the living room, and that my furnishings weren’t “appropriate for the style of the property”.

My response was equally inappropriate.


Damn they will think Xi Jinping lives there or something. :grin:


Looks like you’ll figure out how to deal with this. It’s not a Taiwan thing. It’s a ‘different people do things differently’ thing.

Just don’t murder anyone. It can make life hard.