Moving Soon? Call Steven the Mover!

How many trucks how far?[/quote]
Two trucks, from Shida Road area to Yi Shui Shan Zhuang to pick up some more stuff, and then on to Lotus Hill.

Another good move by Steven and his crew. :notworthy:

Two years ago he helped my move to a new apt. This last weekend I moved again from one 4th floor apartment without elevator to another and I had Steven do the job again. They were great: strong (one guy carried the fridge upstairs on his back, another carried a massive dresser the same way) fast, careful (no damage) and reasonable (NT$9,000). And they’re nice guys.

I’m hoping my next move will be packing a container for the trip back to the states, but if I move again in Taipei I’ll call Steven.

Moving is one of those things where you don’t want to skimp. It’s already stressful enough trying to figure out how to get everything from x to y that you don’t want to have to deal with the moving company holding your stuff hostage.

Go with established companies or trusted movers. Other places may give you cheaper quotes, but you’ll most likely end up paying for it.

Let me add my voice to the chorus of good experiences with Steven the Mover. :slight_smile:

I knew I could search for his contact information on Forumosa, so I procrastinated til the Day Of to ask him for help. (The night before, my girlfriend expressed her doubts about my ability to move everything the next day) I called him out of the blue last Wednesday morning and he courteously said he could fit my move in after lunch. He arrived right on time as promised

The move went well, even though both of us under-estimated the amount of stuff I wanted to move. But, boy, it sure felt to explain everything I had to explain in English (I was giving confusing instructions like, “I want to move this… this… not that… this one here… and the aircon, but not that thing…”) and Steven didn’t blink an eye. :sunglasses:

He called up another truck and I saw how I had packed both to the brims

On the other end, there were no hitches – once again, and his trucks beat me to the apartment so I had them waiting.

Fast, careful, polite and professional – Thank you, Steven! :bravo:


Hi ! Gus,
You’re welcome, and thank you too. :notworthy:

Steven :slight_smile:

A big thanks to Steve for helping me move on Sunday morning at 9. Steve was great and it was nice having an English speaking mover. Price was pretty decent at $10k for a couple of trucks and moving down from the 5th flor and up to 5th and 6th (no lift). It was also refreshing to have a mover that didn’t move half my stuff onto the truck then ask for another $4K or he’ll leave what he’s moved onto the street. Thanks Steve for the job and I’ll certainly be recommending you to anyone that need to move. Cheers.

Steve the mover is one of the best things that I’ve found on forumosa. He came to my old place to give me a quote (very reasonable) before Chinese New Year. We set a date to move, but I underestimated my packing time, and I had to switch to a later date. No problem with him. This morning, showing up punctually at 10 a.m., he carried out the task all by himself. I pointed out to him the several boxes that contained fragile materials. But it was not necessary; he was careful with every item. The whole thing was done by 11:30. I was so impressed that I gave him a 10% tip (something that I never do in Taiwan). Thanks again, Steve!

I’m going to post my Steven experience, I’m sure alot of people will flame me for it, but hear me out. I’m posting this because people were asking about prices, and not many people are mentioning what they paid.

I needed to move so I called Steven last week to get a free quote from him. He came over right away, and in the pouring rain too! As everyone has said, he spoke great English, was polite, professional and straightup. He looked at my stuff and told me the regular price was 5000nt, but if I helped him it would be 4000. Seemed fair to me so I said sure. I was moving from a ground story place to a walk up 5th floor. Lots of lifting involved.

About 5 minutes after Steven left my girlfriend calls me up and tells me that she just booked another mover, she says she decribed everything to him that I had, and that he quoted her a far far cheaper price, at 1500nt. I told her to make very sure that this price wasn’t going to change, that he knew all the details of my move and so on and so forth, she said she was very specific with him, and so with a heavy heart and feeling like a right jerk I phone Steven to cancel. I explained what had happened, he wasn’t angry or mad, and I had no problems.

Anyways, moving day comes along, the other mover shows up right on time and moves my roomate to his new place for a mere 900nt and it was 2 packed truckloads. It was cheaper because he had closer place and elevator. He moved all my stuff to my agreed destination for a scant 1500. In all he did several hours of work for a total of 2400nt. This is why my eyebrows raise when I see posts of people paying 10-15000 to Steven. This is NOT a small difference.

THE DRAWBACK: This guy does NOT speak English. Steven does. But is it worth paying several thousand more to speak English to someone? For some people, many people it is. If you have money to spend, and want to kick back and let a no doubt top notch and professional mover take care of you, then Steven is a great choice. The bottom line is this: be aware that Steven has a niche in the English-moving market, and good on him! I do think that it’s great to provide a service like that but people (cheapasses like myself) should be aware that they can get the job done for a much cheaper price.

AGAIN: I am NOT in anyway discrediting Steven. My actual experience with him was fanfrickintastic. But, if you can speak chinese, or have friends who can, it can be done much cheaper, if money is the primary concern. For me, money was the bottom line.

BTW, this is the guys website:

There are pics of his truck, and his contact info.

When I moved before, I called Steven in for a quote and it was 25K.
Next I had a lower class (betel nut chewers) company in to quote and it was 15K. Both me and my
wife speak fluent chinese so we went with the betel nut crew and saved the 10K for other stuff.

I’ve seen Steven in action and they are definitly more gentle and nicer people
who speak english too, which is a valid consideration for some but not for us, in view of the price differential.

Josefus, it’s great that you got such a great deal, but it’s clear that this guy is underpricing his services. He has a truck to maintain, gas and insurance to buy. If I was happy with the service, I’d recommend him to others, but I think I’d also suggest he raise his rates. When that truck of his breaks down, how would he replace it on NT$100/hour?

I’ve used Steven before too but only for one itty bitty little job. The guy actually took my call from Taipei while he was traveling in Europe, made the arrangements for his guy to pick up a crib in Neihu, on his cell phone probably, then deliver it to my place in Muzha. And it was all done within a few hours. Fantastic service!

He is not as cheap as the little blue trucks driven by the beetle nut scumbags, but he is fast clean and prompt

I paid $1200 to have a frige delivered, not cheap at all but I paid for the truck; one thing or 20 is the same price.

He is not cheap but he is good

My highest regards for him and his work.

Regardless of the above discussion, I did move some stuff last thursday with the help of Steve the Mover. Of course I read through this thread first and after reading about the price differences, I did ask some of my Taiwanese friends about typical pricing and if Steve’s price is okay. They all told me that they paid similar money. Those who paid less, had to move their belongings for a shorter distance.

I watched Steve moving and I must say he did a great job. He was well organized. For my Queen sized mattress he had a nice big bag to prevent it from getting dirty. He wrapped my two sofas in plastic wrap, the kind you use for your food in the fridge, just a larger roll. Overall he took good care of my belongings. He also gave me a ride back to my apartment and on the way there, we stood at a traffic light next to some other moving truck with a nice leather sofa on top, unwrapped. So a perfect target for birds, Diesel emissions, thrown out Coke cans, or other garbage from people next to you on the freeway etc.

So overall it was a great experience and it was good to be able to communicate with him in english. He even offered me to look out for some other items that I still need for my new place.

You always can find a person who is working for less money, but then you get what you paid for, and having some bird shit on my sofa is not what I want to get.

So how much did you end up paying?

I moved 2 three seated sofas, one queen-sized bed, a huge fridge, a laundry machine and a few smaller things from Banciao (5th floor, no elevator) to Linkou (2nd floor, elevator) for $5,000. And I don’t think that this was too expensive considering the distance, the stairs, the time it took and the quality of the job.

Thanks to all those people contributing to the Steven The Mover posts. I

I’ve never hired Steve, but I met him when someone else bought several of my A/Cs and had Steve deinstall them in Ilan and deliver them to Taipei. I found him to be on time, neat, efficient, and cooperative. While I’m not in a position now to hire his services, if I were, I would.

Satisfied customers giving glowing recommendations don’t strike me as ‘ripped off.’ Your mileage may vary.

I used Steven about a year ago to move 15 boxes and an 8 1/2’ or 9’ x 6’ wardrobe. It breaks out into three parts. Consistent with the other posters, our experience was very positive too. He didn’t damage the wardrobe even though it was a bear to move, he set it up at the other end and charged us $NT7000. The drive was about 20 minutes between places. I’d highly recommend him, too. He’s very pleasant, accommodating, and has good English.

I used Steven a couple of times a few years ago for a releatively small job of moving the contents of an efficiency apartment. Not only was he a very nice guy, his prices were reasonable. I checked his prices against a couple of other moving companies in Taipei and he came in lower, considerably more so than one of them.

If you want to take your chances with other companies, my Taiwanese friend told me about a trick they pull that he learned about through personal experience; when they get your stuff on the truck and halfway to the next destination, they say they it was more stuff than you said and the price has to go way up and you can take the new price or they’ll leave your stuff on the side of the road.

Steven and his staff did a professional and swift job. I would highly recommend him anytime.

FWIW, I just got a quote from Steve for a small job. It happened to be way too much compared to the cost of the actual purchase itself, so I decided to break the item down and transport it in my own car. However, out of the four quotes I got, his was second-lowest. Also, unlike all three of the others, his telephone manner was – cover your ears Hobart, you’re going to hate this part – polite, friendly and courteous. If I ever have a job for which my car won’t suffice, I won’t hesitate to give Steve another call.

If you receive a quote from anyone in Taiwan that you feel is too high there is such a novel thing as negotiation. That is if you get a written quotation from another company, not verbal that can be taken back later halfway through your move. In Taiwan bargaining is the norm so get another written quotation in English and go from there.

With Steven you get a proven track record, superior service, in English and at reasonable rates, IMHO. What would you do if one of those blue slippered guys slipped and smashed your wardrobe on the stairs and refused to compensate you? With Steven you are assured of getting professional service.