Mrs. Field's Cookies are now in Taiwan

Subway has been the go to place for legit cookies, but now Mrs. Field’s Cookies is here.

Near Zhongxiai Fuxing.


Why are these things good—and why should we care?


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If you aren’t interested, move along. No need to be snarky.

This place keeps getting more and more hostile.

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Hey I was being sincere! I have not heard of this brand and actually wanted more detail (example: what’s good?).



It’s popular in canada. Rich cookies. Done without cut corners.

I love them.

Their chocolate chip cookie is like the krispy kreme flagship glazed doughnut. The simple one is the money maker.


Not sure if they are the same as when I was a kid. I remember them being a good treat everytime we went to the mall. (In USA). This was back in the eighties.

So often companies change recipes over the years, so who knows. I hope they are as good as I remember.

It’s just an American cookie shop.

Good cookies, served hot, but definitely on the super sweet side. Chocolate chip is the obvious choice. Brings back childhood memories.

Huh. I didn’t recognize the name, so I assumed it was one of those brands that’s not common in Canada.

@SuiGeneris, note that not only do recipes change as the years go by, but our tastes do too.

Still, will definitely be trying these out!

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Mrs Fields also sells their wares at Loblaws-Zehrs and Sobeys if you wanna take them home.

What can i say? They’re simply higher-quality cookies.

Loblaws is blocked in Taiwan so…cant look it up.

Are they though? Compared to a freshly baked Subway cookie, how do they rank? Subway is cheap too…3 big ones for 50nt.

Similar, but you’re going to get a fresher cookie at Mrs. Fields, if that’s important. Like hot out of the oven.

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Subway cookies are good and up there. But i’d pick Mrs Fields.

So, my Chinese is awful, but that promotional article has … no actual address? All we’ve got is near Zhongxiao Fuxing?

Ha, look at the posts racking up in this thread. We’re all eager for more variety on the food scene, aren’t we?


Couldn’t agree more about the subway cookies being legit.

I’ve been waiting for Mrs. Fields to come to Taiwan for forever. I hope they don’t disappoint.


Just says Zhongxiao Fuxing Commercial District. Opens 9/17.

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oh god… the lines… O_O


I’m betting they will be way overpriced.

Remember Krispy Kreme’s lines here when they first opened? The horror!

I’m having flashbacks! Run away!


I had just missed it. Arrived a month later. But the stores were packed.

Reading the horror stories on this forum of the egg tart craze sends fear down my spine.

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