Mushrooms of the Day

Who said fungi and plants are 差不多.

Here is for mushrooms. No mold.


My mate took a few of those at Glastonbury in the late 90s (forget the exact year). He had a great time by all accounts.

Awesome thread!



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Those look poisonous…

Don’t eat them.

These don’t seem local. Do these exist here in Taiwan?

Psilocybe cyanescens are illegal. The latter don’t seem to be–seems like they can be toxic though. I’ve only vaguely heard of them.

Just about anything will grow here. We can discuss illegal drugs here, including whether they might exist in Taiwan, but we can’t get into any kind of specifics about where exactly they might exist here. Just a heads up.

Wikipedia says they are Galerina marginata 紋緣盔孢傘. Seems not a local one.

Psilocybe cyanescens and Amanita Muscari are not in Taiwan.

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These are the ones used for fun and games where I am from. Very easy to spot, more brown on top when wet, grow everywhere and could easily pick a 100 or so in a couple of hours in the right season.

Apparently UK has changed its laws, but back then it was legal to pick, just not legal to prepare or sell.

In the right season you could see lots of people scouring the fields head down to the grass pacing back and forth.

edit/ Psilocybe semilanceata



Dictyophora indusiata exists in Taiwan.

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The last one it’s not poison.

Can you confirm the name of these in any language or support that in any way? Otherwise it might be safer not to make such assertions.


Thanks for the heads up. Not interested in drugs, just interested in what fungi are endemic to Taiwan.

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They look yummy.

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Wow I made the classic mix-up of a deadly Galerina with a Psilocybe. Good thing it was only online :slight_smile:

Recent weather is not much mushroom friendly. I found no mushroom on my way home today.

Marasmius rotula
By Patrick Schifferli on flickr


Probably baby Panellus stipticus

Boletus edulis

By Patrick Schifferli on flickr